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84 Possible Causes for Autistic Disorder, High Arched Palate, Psychiatric Symptoms

  • Fragile X Syndrome

    Medical records describing open-label treatment with acamprosate in 3 patients with FXS and a comorbid diagnosis of autistic disorder were reviewed.[] People with Fragile X syndrome also have a number of recognizable physical features, including a high arched palate, strabismus (lazy eye), large ears, long face, large testicles[] We also examined the association between CGG repeat size (adjusted for X activation ratio) and mRNA, with severity of psychiatric symptoms.[]

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    METHODS: Parents of 29 autistic disorder (AD), 28 pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and 29 ADHD children were recruited into the study, and[] She has enlarged tonsils and a high-arched palate on physical examination.At a follow-up visit, parent rating scales are consistent with ADHD-combined type; teacher rating[] Although emotional symptoms are common in other psychiatric disorders, emotional impulsivity (EI), and deficient emotional self-regulation (DESR) may be sufficiently specific[]

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

    […] spectrum disorder skin abnormalities – such as patches of light-coloured or thickened skin, or red acne-like spots on the face the kidneys not working properly breathing[] […] as a high arched palate is seen in tuberous sclerosis, neck scars (lines, parathyroidectomy), nephrectomy scars, peritoneal dialysis scars, renal transplant, ballotable kidneys[] In addition, clinical trials are ongoing to test the efficacy of mTOR inhibitors toward the psychiatric symptoms associated with TSC.[]

  • Down Syndrome

    Autistic-spectrum disorders in Down syndrome: further delineation and distinction from other behavioral abnormalities.[] Mouth: Protruding tongue (small narrow palate). High arched palate. Neck: Loose skin on nape of neck. Hands: Single palmar crease. Short little finger.[] Psychiatric symptoms in adults with Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease. American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disability , 115 , 265–276.[]

  • Autistic Disorder

    BACKGROUND: A recent California study reported increased risk of autistic disorder in children conceived within a year after the birth of a sibling.[] Connective tissue problems may include ear infections, flat feet, high arched palate, double-jointed fingers and hyper-flexible joints.[] We also hypothesize that some boys with autistic disorder and mental retardation exhibit fewer movement disorders, fewer psychiatric symptoms, and better over-all functioning[]

  • 7q11.23 Duplication Syndrome

    Rare de novo and transmitted copy-number variation in autistic spectrum disorders. Neuron, 70 , 886–897. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar Malisza, K.[] , high and wide nose, short philtrum, high arched palate, dental malocclusion, retrognathia, and severe language delay.[] Homocystinuria Symptoms associated with Homocystinuria may include mental retardation, seizures, psychiatric disturbances, delays in reaching developmental milestones (e.g[]

  • 22q11.2 Duplication Syndrome

    Autistic disorder and 22q11.2 duplication. World J Biol Psychiatry. 2007;8(2):127-30.[] For example, one group of associated features actually includes: a heart problem; malformed ears with pits or tags; small chin; and a high arched or cleft palate.[] Robel , PDD-NOS, psychotic features and executive function deficits in a boy with proximal 22q11.2 microduplication: Evolution of the psychiatric symptom profile from childhood[]

  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome

    Here, we present two cases with the diagnosis of KLS and autistic disorder.[] arched palate, almond-shaped eyes and large head circumference with a relatively narrow bifrontal diameter), borderline intelligence, hypogonadism, hyperphagia, skin picking[] This case was compared to other cases of MS in which the disease begins with acute remitting psychiatric symptoms.[]

  • CK Syndrome

    Macrocephaly and the control of brain growth in autistic disorders. Prog Neurobiol. 2005 Sep-Oct; 77(1-2):38-56. PMID: 16280193. View in: PubMed Deutsch CK, Joseph RM.[] […] nasal bridge, malar flattening, posteriorly rotated ears, high arched palate, crowded teeth, micrognathia) and thin body habitus.[] Mood and Anxiety Symptoms in Psychiatric Inpatients with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Depression. J Ment Health Res Intellect Disabil. 2008; 1(4):238-253.[]

  • Ring Chromosome 21

    Patients usually have varying degrees of epilepsy, developmental delays, intellectual impairment, autistic spectrum disorders and minor dysmorphic features.[] The patient has some Down syndrome characteristics including a high arched palate, a secundum atrial septal defect, and duodenal stenosis, but lacks the typical Down syndrome[] The behavioural problems and the supposed psychiatric symptoms could be related to her disharmonic social cognitive profile.[]

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