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66 Possible Causes for AV Block Mobitz I, Sinus Arrest, Syncope

  • Sick Sinus Syndrome

    […] inhibitor treatment, she was free from syncope thereafter.[] The diagnosis of SSS was based on electrocardiographic evidence of markedly prolonged sinus arrests associated with syncope attacks while in hospital.[] Episodes of marked bradycardia with sinus arrest after prophylactic lidocaine injection are reported in a 69-y-old man with no apparent preoperative cardiac disease or electrocardiographic[]

  • Coronary Atherosclerosis

    […] about 20 years ago, contemporary thoughts are that BrS may be responsible for many sudden cardiac deaths and is associated with ventricular dysrhythmias that can lead to syncope[] Weakness and severe tiredness (fatigue) especially during periods of activity Nausea Sweating Chest pain that eases with rest Chest pain that happens even at rest Fainting (syncope[] Diagnosis of MI required documentation of two or more of: (a) typical ischemic chest pain, pulmonary oedema, syncope or shock; (b) development of pathological Q-waves and[]

  • Amyloidosis

    […] congestive heart failure, including: Shortness of breath Labored breathing during exercise Peripheral swelling ( edema caused by a buildup of fluid in the lower limbs) Fainting ( syncope[] A sample of blood was drawn 30 min after the arrest to check the serum bupivacaine concentration.[] Syncope or Presyncope The presence of syncope or presyncope is common in cardiac amyloidosis and results from the combination of autonomic dysfunction (which is common in[]

  • AV Block Mobitz I

    Second degree AV blocks are further classified into 3 types ( Figure 2 ) : Figure 2 - Types of 2nd Degree AV Block: A) Mobitz I ( AV Wenckebach ) ; B) Mobitz II; and C) 2-[] The syncopal episodes (called Stokes-Adams attacks or Stokes-Adams syncope) are caused by a sudden slowing or stopping of the heartbeat.[] sinus arrest.[]

  • Enhanced Vagal Tone

    (Mobitz Type I, site of block is usually in the AV node and proximal to the bundle of His) 3.[] Definition Vasovagal syncope is the common faint that may be experienced by normal persons with no evidence of heart disease.[] sinus arrest洞停止 sinus bradycardia洞性徐脈 sinus node洞結節 sinus of Valsalvaバ[ヴァ]ルサルバ[ヴァ]洞 sinus rhythm洞調律 sinus tachycardia洞性頻脈 situs inversus逆位 situs solitus正位 sleep apnea syndrome[]

  • Sinoatrial Block

    A case of simultaneous SA exit block and AV Mobitz I block AV block: 1st degree AV block: 2nd degree, Mobitz I (Wenckebach) AV block: 2nd degree, Mobitz II AV block: 3rd degree[] However, in cases where dizziness and near syncope due to a sinus node dysfunction are found together with clinical characteristics of a sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome (SAHS[] ECG Lecture: Sinus arrest, sinoatrial exit block, AV block and escape rhythms 1. Sinus arrest, Sinoatrial exit block, AV blocks, Escape Rhythms Dr. Michael-Joseph F.[]

  • Vasovagal Syncope

    […] recommendation, level evidence C) with the presence of: persistent sinus bradycardia ( 40 bpm) or recurrent sinoatrial block or pause ( 3 seconds), high degree AV block (Mobitz[] Cardiac vasovagal syncope has the highest number of mortality while non-cardiac syncope doesn’t have such high mortality.[] Vasovagal syncope with concomitant ventricular asystole and sinus arrest is rare.[]

  • Sinus Arrest

    Second Degree AV Block - Mobitz Type I and a Mobitz Type II Mobitz Type I Second Degree AV Block : The Mobitz Type I second degree AV block is also called a Wenckebach Block[] Cough syncope is a syndrome in which dizziness or syncope occurs after prolonged bouts of cough.[] Sinus arrest primarily affects older patients.[]

  • Bradyarrhythmia

    Second degree AV block, Mobitz I Figure 3. Second degree AV block, Mobitz II Figure 4. Third degree AV block Figure 5. Skin or mucosal lesions. C.[] Syncope may be the presenting symptom in these conditions. However, cocaine-induced bradyarrhythmias have been scarcely mentioned.[] Rapid eye movement (REM)-related bradyarrhythmia syndrome (including sinus arrest and complete atrioventricular block with ventricular asystole) in the absence of an underlying[]

  • AV Block Mobitz II

    Second degree AV blocks are further classified into 3 types ( Figure 2 ) : Figure 2 - Types of 2nd Degree AV Block: A) Mobitz I ( AV Wenckebach ) ; B) Mobitz II; and C) 2-[] A case of a 48-year-old woman with frequent syncopal episodes is reported. The electrocardiogram showed high degree AV block with narrow QRS complexes.[] sinus arrest.[]

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