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578 Possible Causes for AV Block Mobitz II, Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows, Prolonged PR Interval

  • Sick Sinus Syndrome

    Pronounced PR interval prolongation. The effect of this PR interval prolongation on AV dyssynchrony is demonstrated in this ECG image.[] Additional features may include thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, and generalized excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis) with the exception of the scalp hair, which tends to[] AV dyssynchrony resulting from severe PR interval prolongation in the setting of sinus rhythm.[]

  • AV Block Mobitz I

    Second-degree AV block, Mobitz II.[] PR interval gradually prolongs and the 5th beat from the left is not conducted. The cycle restarts and PR interval gradually prolongs again. Dr.[] There are features of both Mobitz I (AV Wenckebach) and Mobitz II on this tracing. In favor of Mobitz II is the low conduction ratio and high grade of AV block.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Electrolyte Imbalance

    .  Assessment findings: serum magnesium level is greater than 2.3mg/dl creatinine clearance decreases to less than 3.0ml/min ECG finding: prolonged PR interval : tall T waves[] Prolonged QT interval D. Shortened ST segment 68. A. Prominent U waves B. Prolonged PR interval C. Depressed ST segment D. Widened QRS complexes 69. A. Alcoholism B.[] The PR interval is prolonged. Occasionally sinoatrial (SA) block, second- or third-degree atrioventricular (AV) block may develop.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • AV Block Mobitz II

    Second-degree AV block, Mobitz II.[] Commonly used terminology includes: First degree AV block – Delayed conduction from the atrium to the ventricle (defined as a prolonged PR interval of 200 milliseconds) without[] Every-other-P wave conducts – as determined by the presence of a fixed ( albeit prolonged ) PR interval preceding each QRS complex on the tracing.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Second Degree Atrioventricular Block

    Home ECG Library AV Block: 2nd degree, Mobitz II (Hay block) by , last update November 25, 2018 AV Block: 2nd degree AV block , Mobitz II (Hay Block) Intermittent non-conducted[] This case demonstrates the need for caution and interval cardiac testing when adding LCM to other AEDs known to prolong the PR interval.[] On the surface ECG this is realized through a prolonged PR interval.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Lyme Carditis

    We don’t know whether our patient developed fluctuating AV block particularly Mobitz type II which is the more common presentation, prior to complete block, the remarkable[] A repeat ECG showed a first-degree AV block with a markedly prolonged PR interval of greater than 400 ms.[] An electrocardiogram (ECG) revealed a second-degree AV block, fluctuating between Mobitz type I and Mobitz type II heart block, with a P-R interval of 300 ms.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

    block Mobitz type II second-degree heart block or third-degree heart block Thinning of basal IV septum Positive gallium-67 uptake in heart Positive gallium-67 uptake in heart[] Note the low voltage in the precordial leads and a prolonged PR interval at 20 ms.[] […] for CS Probable CS Extra-cardiac sarcoidosis per histological criteria and  1 clinical criteria and Alternative causes reasonably excluded Clinical criteria Major Advanced AV[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Digitalis Toxicity

    Almost any type of arrhythmia can occur in digoxin toxicity except Mobitz type II second degree AV block and atrial fibrillation with a fast ventricular rate.[] The earliest signs of toxicity in the newborn are undue slowing of the pulse rate (bradycardia), sinoatrial arrest and prolongation of the PR Interval (A Collins Abrams, 2006[] ECG Changes The use of therapeutic doses of LANOXIN may cause prolongation of the PR interval and depression of the ST segment on the electrocardiogram.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Cardiac Glycoside Poisoning

    Rhythms characteristic of Mobitz type II AV conduction block, although reported to be rare in isolated digoxin poisoning, 15 occurred in several of the oleander patients ([] Página 153 - Significance of isolated HV interval prolongation in symptomatic patients without documented heart block - Altschuler H., Fisher JD and Furman S. ‎[] Many patients with moderate poisoning show PR interval prolongation and progression to atrioventricular (AV) dissociation.[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows
  • Lyme Disease

    […] of the PR interval to more than 30 milliseconds (the degree of block may fluctuate and worsen very rapidly in such patients) See Treatment and Medication for more detail.[] […] advisable for patients with any of the following: Associated symptoms (eg, syncope, dyspnea, or chest pain) Second-degree or third-degree AV block First-degree heart block with prolongation[]

    Missing: Hypertrichosis of Eyebrows