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641 Possible Causes for Average Intelligence, EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation

  • Motor Neuron Disease

    For patients with MND affecting the LMNs, the EMG will show evidence of: (1) acute denervation, which is ongoing as motor neurons degenerate, and (2) chronic denervation and[] reinnervation of the muscle, as the remaining motor neurons attempt to fill in for lost motor neurons.[]

  • Parkinson's Disease

    Parkinson's disease (PD) is a highly prevalent, long-term neurodegenerative disorder that is sometimes treated by deep brain stimulation (DBS), which significantly reduces the need for dopaminergic drug therapy and improves quality of life. Such patients are cautioned, however, that dental instruments such as a[…][]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Rolandic Epilepsy

    Tiziana Zilli, Sergio Zanini, Stefania Conte, Renato Borgatti and Cosimo Urgesi, Neuropsychological assessment of children with epilepsy and average intelligence using NEPSY[] RESULT: the obtained data indicate that although intellectual efficiency (measured through the Intelligence Quatient - IQ) was within average, children with rolandic epilepsy[] Learning disability: An abnormal condition affecting children of normal or above-average intelligence, characterized by difficulty in learning fundamentals such as reading[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    Morquio A presents average intelligence, and MPS type VI points to deficits partially related to sensory impairment, implying significant differences between them.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Syringomyelia

    Bronchogenic cysts refer to congenital anomalies derived from the primitive foregut. Spinal bronchogenic cysts are uncommon entities, and those occurring in the intramedullary sites are extremely rare. Bronchogenic cysts involving the foramen magnum region have only been described in 2 cases; however,[…][]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is one of the most common forms of motor neuron diseases. It is also known as “Lou Gehrig's disease”, after a well-known baseball player in New York. The hallmark of the disease is a mixed upper and lower motor neuropathy that is progressive over time. The upper motor signs[…][]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome

    The average final height for females is about 60 in (152 cm) and for males it is about 61 in (155 cm).[] Most individuals are of normal intelligence; however, it is estimated that 15-30% of individuals with Hallermann-Streiff syndrome show some degree of mental impairment or[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Chorea Gravidarum

    Treatment of a case of severe chorea gravidarum with haloperidol is presented. A possible neuropharmacologic explanation of the beneficial effects of the neuroleptics, particularly haloperidol, is offered based on the dopamine antagonism of these drugs. Heightened dopaminergic activity in the striatum is postulated[…][]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Movement Disorder

    Neuroacanthocytosis is a genetic neurodegenerative disorder with syndromes of variable inheritance. These hyperkinetic movement disorders are reported to be very rare. It is associated with choreiform movements, orofacial and lingual dyskinesias and acanthocytes on peripheral smear and normolipoproteinemia. Here[…][]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy

    The brain is not affected, and they have been tested to have at least average to above average intelligence.[] It was hypothesised that their intelligence is comparable to controls, but not above average as previously postulated.[] Hearing and vision are not affected, and intelligence is normal or above average.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation

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