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254 Possible Causes for Axillary Mass

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Memory B cells latently infected with Epstein-Barr virus (mB(Lats)) in the blood disappear rapidly on presentation with acute symptomatic primary infection (acute infectious mononucleosis [AIM]). They undergo a simple exponential decay (average half-life: 7.5 /- 3.7 days) similar to that of normal memory B cells. The[…][]

  • Tuberculosis

    Abstract Streptococcus anginosus forms a part of the commensal flora of the oral cavity. However, it can be aggressive and may lead to gastrointestinal and urogenital infections. We present an interesting case and course in a 38-year-old immunocompetent female patient with pyogenic liver abscess due to S.[…][]

  • Lymph Node Metastasis

    […] with part of metastatic mucinous carcinoma.A 40-year-old male patient presenting palpable masses in his left axillary on physical and imaging examination revealed unremarkable[] A 41-year-old female presented with pain and a swelling mass in the left axillary region, which had been present for several months.[] So far, merely ten cases of secretory breast carcinoma with metastatic axillary lymph node in male were reported.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Breast

    A full inspection and palpation of both breasts is necessary in order to confirm the exact site of the mass, exclude enlargement of axillary lymph nodes, and evaluate the[] […] and ipsilateral axillary lymphadenopathy, courtesy of Dr.[] Presentation A 46-year-old, non-smoking Moroccan female was diagnosed in 2002 with breast carcinoma, mammography detected a left breast cancer as an heterogeneous solid mass[]

  • Lymph Node Tuberculosis

    This condition may involve all of the cervical glands as well as the axillary glands also.[] The tumors may coalesce and form large unsightly masses, and the suppuration may open channels or sinuses between the glands.[]

  • Epithelial Cyst

    If an infection has caused complications to the cyst the margins of these masses may become ‘shaggy’ and irregular with thickening of the overlying skin.[] Breast cysts with infection are harder to differentiate radiologically Inflammatory fold, axillary and medial areas are common locations for sebaceous cysts.[]

  • Metastasis

    For women with localized adenocarcinoma involving axillary nodes and those who are hormone receptor-positive who have pleural effusion, these guidelines recommend treatment[] Radiation therapy alone may also be considered for bone lesions, a retroperitoneal mass with a non-germ cell histology, or supraclavicular nodal involvement in site-specific[] […] ascites consistent with ovarian histology should be treated according to the NCCN Guidelines for Ovarian Cancer. 105 , 106 Localized adenocarcinoma with a retroperitoneal mass[]

  • Bubonic Plague

    English: The Black Death , was a devastating pandemic that first struck Europe in the mid-late-14th century (1347–1351), killing between a third and two-thirds of Europe's population. en:Bubonic plague is the best-known variant of the deadly infectious disease plague, which is caused by the enterobacteria Yersinia[…][]

  • Cystic Lymphangioma

    Abstract Retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma is a rare benign lesion of childhood. A 15-year-old girl underwent laparoscopic excision of such a cyst. On histopathological examination, the resection was complete. She had an uneventful recovery and remains asymptomatic. We report this in view of the rarity of this[…][]

  • Tularemia

    Abstract A case of ulcero-glandular tularemia is presented. Discussion is based on the differential diagnosis of a patient presenting with cutaneous lesions, regional lymphadenopathy and fever.[]

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