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296 Possible Causes for Axillary Mass

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    "Mononucleosis" redirects here. For excessive monocyte counts more generally, see monocytosis . Infectious mononucleosis ( IM , mono ), also known as glandular fever , is an infection commonly caused by the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV). [2] Most people are infected by the virus as children, when the disease produces[…][]

  • Tuberculosis

    James Harrison gets a free blood test from Michelle Mutchler with the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District. The test checks for a dormant tuberculosis infection that hasn't produced symptoms, but could flare into an active state and become contagious. Wendy Rigby/Texas Public Radio hide caption toggle caption[…][]

  • Cystic Lymphangioma

    Palpation revealed a diffuse mass epicentered in the outer quadrants of right breast with extension in to the axillary tail which was not fixed to the underlying chest wall[] These abnormal lymphatic channels then dilate to form aunilocular or multilocular cystic mass. 1 Of all cystic lymphangiomas, 95% occur in the neck and axillary region.[] Focal similar appearance is seen at the contralateral left axillary tail region.[]

  • Lymph Node Metastasis

    Therefore, the multidisciplinary team decided that ‘the patient to be proposed for lumpectomy with axillary lymphadenectomy’ with a PET-TC scan positive only for the mass[] The patient was submitted to lumpectomy on oncoplastic pattern, followed by axillary dissection level II, and was discharged without any complication on the third post-operative[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Breast

    A full inspection and palpation of both breasts is necessary in order to confirm the exact site of the mass, exclude enlargement of axillary lymph nodes, and evaluate the[] Most patients present with a bulky palpable mass with axillary lymphadenopathy.[] A radical left mastectomy and axillary lymph-node dissection was performed, the histological type was a ductal invasive carcinoma and the stage was pT1N3M0 (Estrogen receptor[]

  • Lymph Node Tuberculosis

    This condition may involve all of the cervical glands as well as the axillary glands also.[] The tumors may coalesce and form large unsightly masses, and the suppuration may open channels or sinuses between the glands.[]

  • Lymphoma

    Keywords Lymphoma Axillary Lymph Node Mastitis Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Breast Mass Background Primary lymphoma of the breast (PBL) is a rare disease and all published[] The disease starts in the lymph nodes, although early involvement of the oropharyngeal lymphoid tissue or the bone marrow is common, as is abdominal mass or gastrointestinal[] Despite the breast mass occupied whole the upper and external quadrants of the right breast, it was mobile on the underlying muscular layers.[]

  • Metastasis

    […] examination A complete eye exam, including assessment of ocular motility, orbital palpation, and exophthalmometry, as well as palpation of regional lymph nodes, including axillary[] Signs Proptosis Enophthalmos Eyelid swelling Palpable mass Ptosis Patient with metastatic breast carcinoma to the orbit with a diffuse left lower lid mass with ill-defined[]

  • Epithelial Cyst

    Breast cysts with infection are harder to differentiate radiologically Inflammatory fold, axillary and medial areas are common locations for sebaceous cysts.[] If an infection has caused complications to the cyst the margins of these masses may become ‘shaggy’ and irregular with thickening of the overlying skin.[]

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    The disease starts in the lymph nodes, although early involvement of the oropharyngeal lymphoid tissue or the bone marrow is common, as is abdominal mass or gastrointestinal[] […] with complaints of vague back or abdominal discomfort." [1] "The most common manifestation is painless enlargement of isolated or generalized lymph nodes of the cervical, axillary[]

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