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250 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Brisk Tendon Reflexes

  • Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

    Back pain as a result of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia can be helped by back strengthening exercises.[] All four affected individuals were assessed clinically as having mild to moderate mental retardation, brisk tendon reflexes and an up going extensor planter response.[] Back-strengthening exercises may help to reduce or eliminate back pain (due poor gait, poor posture, use of a mobility device).[]

  • Spinal Tuberculosis

    Spinal tuberculosis commonly presents with back pain, fever and night sweats.[] There was increased muscular tone and brisk deep-tendon reflexes in both legs; the plantar reflexes were flexor.[] Her back pain improved immediately after surgery; she had a score of 2 on the VAS.[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    After 6 months, she came back with acute onset of weakness in lower limbs, back pain, fever and urinary incontinence.[] tendon reflexes.[] GBS symptoms may include: lower limb numbness and tingling, symmetrical leg and arm weakness, severe back pain, muscle aching and cramping, shortness of breath and bieralfacial[]

  • Hematomyelia

    A 71-year-old woman on warfarin (2.5 mg daily) developed severe low back pain with reduced touch sensation and weakness of the lower limbs that progressed to complete paralysis[] On examination he had 0/5 motor power in the lower limbs and 3/5 power in the upper limbs and sensory loss below C6 level Deep tendon reflexes were brisk and plantars were[] Intern Med. 2014;53(6):623-6 Authors: Famularo G, Sajeva MR, Gasbarrone L Abstract A 71-year-old woman on warfarin (2.5 mg daily) developed severe low back pain with reduced[]

  • Encephalitis Lethargica

    In acute stage of encephalitis lethargica, the patient experiences severe neck and back pain , delirium convulsions and headache .[] She had left upper and lower limb rigidity, brisk tendon reflexes and intermittent uprolling eyes. Urgent Computed tomography of brain was normal.[] “Research undertaken at NeuRA identified a… Researchers challenge guidelines for treating acute low back pain WEDNESDAY 7 NOVEMBER 2018 8:07 AM Wednesday, 7 November 2018:[]

  • Sotos Syndrome

    Disorders We've Got Your Back New ways of thinking about low back pain. Caregiving Juggling Act Family-friendly strategies for caring for special needs children.[] Other inconstant clinical abnormalities include scoliosis, cardiac and genitourinary anomalies, seizures and brisk deep tendon reflexes.[] Furthermore, affected children may also manifest with brisk deep tendon reflexes, scoliosis, and seizures.[]

  • Arachnoiditis

    Spinal Cord Anatomy Back Pain (Arachnoiditis) is condition develops when a thin film that covers the spinal cord becomes swollen and enlarged .[] reflexes: Brisk Plantar responses: Extensor Strength: May be normal in spastic extremities Course Partial improvement over months Then permanent & Non-progressive gait disability[] The symptoms of Arachnoiditis (stiffness, numbness, burning, pain) are similar to other back problems such as nerve impingement or disc problems.[]

  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 10

    […] due to CD 4 cells Chondorcalicinosis- cartilage calcification Keratoconjunctivitis sicca Sjogrens (cavities & MALT) decreased tear production corneal damage inflammatory back[] Tendon reflexes were bilaterally brisk. He had titubation, intention tremor, dysdiadochokinesis, and gait ataxia.[] pain, loss of anocutaneous reflect, bladder/bowel dysfunction, loss of ankle jerk superior colliculus probs conjugate vertical gaze UMN- contra- lower face only LMN- ipsi[]

  • Gaucher Disease Type 2

    pain 3 months Chronic back pain greater than 3 months duration Chronic coccyx pain 3 months Chronic pain in coccyx for more than 3 months (finding) Fabry disease Fabrys disease[] Signs of white matter involvement (spasticity, brisk tendon reflexes, extensor plantar responses) are prominent.[] […] degeneration in generalized lipidoses Cerebral degeneration in lipidoses Chemically induced lipidosis Chemically-induced lipidosis Cholesterol ester storage disease Chronic back[]

  • Richards-Rundle Syndrome

    Trewhela Download Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain: A Joint Clinical Practice – Guideline from the American College of Physicians and the American Pain society R.[] Apart from ataxia, the most frequent features were nystagmus, dysarthria, mental impairment, brisk tendon reflexes, skeletal deformities, peripheral neuropathy, and tremor[] Kihlberg Download Effectiveness of Iyengar yoga in treating spinal (back and neck) pain: A systematic review E. M. Crow, E. Jeannot, A.[]

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