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437 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Dark Urine, Flank Pain

  • Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction

    A 47-year-old diabetic man with drug-induced pancytopenia suddenly manifested severe shaking chills, flank pain, and back pain during a red cell transfusion.[] When the patient started receiving the implicated unit, she reported back pain, chest pain, and a feeling of anxiety, suggestive of an acute transfusion reaction.[] A 5-year-old male with sickle cell disease presented with pain, dark urine, and fatigue 10 days after a red blood cell (RBC) transfusion.[]

  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

    A 41-year-old woman with a Harrington spondylodesis presented with lower back pain. Bone scintigraphy showed diffusely increased parenchymal uptake in both kidneys.[] Two years after disease onset, while pancytopenia remained stable, occurrence of morning dark urine led to found a paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria clone.[] Some of the prominent symptoms of PNH include severe anemia, a condition resulting from having too few healthy red blood cells, severe abdominal pain, severe headaches, back[]

  • Kidney Disease

    Back or flank pain — the kidneys are located on either side of the spine in the back.[] […] of parts of the body, particularly eyes, ankles or wrists Burning or abnormal discharge during urination Changes in the frequency of urination, especially at night Lower back[] The most common signs and symptoms of chronic kidney disease include: anemia blood in urine dark urine decreased mental alertness decreased urine output edema - swollen feet[]

  • Renal Colic

    Renal colic refers to the pain felt in the lower back or sides due to blockage of the urinary tract. The pain is usually severe and one-sided.[] urine and colicky pain in the left flank.[] We sought to examine the validity of this score in younger, noninfected flank pain patients.[]

  • Pyelonephritis

    However, children are usually sicker with fever, back pain, or vomiting with pyelonephritis. Keep in Mind Pyelonephritis requires medical attention.[] […] as: Fever and chills Pain in the lower back or sides Nausea and vomiting Abdominal or pelvic pain Cloudy or smelly urine Dark or bloody urine In very old people, these signs[] Physical examination revealed right-sided flank pain and a right-sided unilateral renal mass.[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    A 60-year-old diabetic woman was admitted with a 3 day history of fever and left flank pain due to acute pyelonephritis.[] Spike fever with severe back pain continued despite empiric antibiotic treatment at a local hospital.[] Symptoms may include chills fever pain in your back, side, or groin nausea vomiting cloudy, dark, bloody, or foul-smelling urine frequent, painful urination Symptoms of a[]

  • Transfusion Reaction

    When the patient started receiving the implicated unit, she reported back pain, chest pain, and a feeling of anxiety, suggestive of an acute transfusion reaction.[] She complained of severe back pain and dark urine. In addition, she became hypertensive, tachycardic, and jaundiced.[] Symptoms may include any of the following: Back pain Bloody urine Chills Fainting or dizziness Fever Flank pain Flushing of the skin Symptoms of a hemolytic transfusion reaction[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    A 40-year-old female presented in severe sepsis and complaining of flank pain.[] She had fever, headache, vomiting, and right back pain. Urinary analysis showed leukocyturia, and urinary culture identified Klebsiella pneumoniae.[] Typical Symptoms of UTIs Urine that appears cloudy or dark Bloody urine Strong or foul-smelling urine Frequent or urgent need to urinate Pain or burning during urination Feelings[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Indicators of symptomatic presentations include flank pain, flank mass, varicocele, constitutional symptoms, paraneoplastic syndromes and bone pain related to metastatic disease[] MEDICAL HISTORY: Presented with rapid weight loss and lower back pain INITIAL DIAGNOSIS: Metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with a clear cell histology; scheduled for laparoscopic[] urine (tea colored) bleeding or bruising more easily than normal feeling less hungry than usual decreased energy Hormone gland problems (especially the thyroid, pituitary[]

  • Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria

    Case presentation An 18 year old female patient presented with acute symptoms of abdominal and flank pain, nausea, dark red urine, fevers and chills.[] Common clinical symptoms Sudden onset of fever Chills Abdominal cramps Back pain Intermittent episodes of hemoglobinuria Typical laboratory findings Elevated bilirubin level[] He was admitted because of dark urine after exposure to cold air.[]

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