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106 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge, Leg Pain

  • Cervical Cancer

    Advanced-stage cervical cancer almost always presents either with abnormal vaginal bleeding or with foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] “If the cancer spreads to the side wall, it can cause back pain or leg swelling.”[] Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: Back pain Bone pain or fractures Fatigue Leaking of urine or feces from the vagina Leg pain Loss of appetite Pelvic pain[]

  • Sexual Dysfunction

    Symptoms of PID include lower abdominal pain, fever, painful intercourse, painful urination, foul smelling vaginal discharge, irregular menstrual bleeding, and pain in the[] This is a case report of a patient with bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction associated with low back pain.[] Accidental Orgasms Rina Shaikh-Lesko Jul 1, 2014 Meet the researcher struggling to gain approval for his medical device, which was originally designed to relieve back pain[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Diffuse pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen Pelvic pain Increased foul-smelling vaginal discharge Fever and chills Vomiting and nausea Pain during sexual intercourse[] Symptoms include fever, vomiting, back pain, dyspareunia, and bilateral lower abdominal pain, as well as symptoms of lower genital tract infection such as abnormal vaginal[] […] around the kidneys or liver, lower back or leg pain, feelings of weakness, tiredness, depression, and diminished desire to have sex.[]

  • Leiomyosarcoma

    […] menstruation) Pelvic or abdominal pain Foul-smelling vaginal discharge Less common symptoms can include: Weight loss Weakness Lethargy Fever In a pelvic exam, the uterus is[] Leiomyosarcoma presents with non-specific symptoms, including abdominal pain or back pain. There is an increased incidence in immunosuppressed individuals.[] […] or trunk increasing in size is larger than 5cm usually painful, but not always Types of diagnostic scans The earlier sarcoma is diagnosed the better the chances of successful[]

  • Leukorrhea

    The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection or STDs, in which case it becomes more yellow and foul-smelling.[] I feel very lazy , I feel low back pain & sometimes I feel pain in my calves. I have also problem of constipation.[] […] during or after intercourse Spots on undergarments from discharge Lower back or abdominal pain Leg pain, specifically calf and thigh Frequent urination, especially burning[]

  • Endometritis

    A 29-year-old, HIV-positive woman presented 6 days postpartum with abdominal pain and foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] Although rare, postpartum endometritis followed by low back pain and fever should alter the physician to the possibility of serious infection involving the central nervous[] Patients with low-grade fever and no abdominal pain are evaluated for other occult causes, such as atelectasis , breast engorgement , breast infection , UTI, and leg thrombophlebitis[]

  • Retroperitoneal Sarcoma

    The amount of bleeding ranges from spotting to menorrhagia and is often associated with foul-smelling vaginal discharge.[] Possible symptoms include abdominal pain, abdominal rigidity, back pain, swelling of lower limbs, intestinal obstruction, and an early feeling of satiation.[] A cancer diagnosis was the furthest thing from my mind when I had a myelogram for persistent left leg pain in February 2010.[]

  • Salpingitis

    Symptoms of acute salpingitis may include: Severe lower abdominal pain Heavy vaginal bleeding during menstrual cycle High fever and chills Vomiting Abnormal and foul-smelling[] In some women, this fever is accompanied by back pain that shoots down the legs.[] […] urination fever of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius chills body aches and pain back pain that spreads down the legs What are the causes and risks of the condition?[]

  • Parametritis

    A woman with parametritis can experience the following signs and symptoms: Fever Pelvic and/or lower abdominal pain Back pain Pain radiating down the leg Vaginal discharge[] vaginal discharge pale skin, which can be a sign of large volume blood loss chills feelings of discomfort or illness headache loss of appetite increased heart rate Symptoms[] The clinical picture of the disease at the forefront are the excruciating pain in the rump and lower back, painful coitus, algodysmenorrhoea, painful defecating.[]

  • Postpartum Period

    . • Heavy foul smelling vaginal discharge. • Chest pain or cough. • Painful or frequent urination. • Postpartum bleeding : heavy vaginal bleeding, soaking more than 1 pad[] A 17-year-old Japanese woman was referred to our department because of nausea and vomiting two hours after delivery, followed by severe abdominal and back pain.[] Before your checkup, call your doctor right away if you have: Bleeding from your vagina that soaks more than one pad per hour A severe headache that doesn't go away Leg pain[]

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