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336 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Hip Pain, Walking with a Cane

  • Arthritis

    Read More Is Arthritis Causing Your Back Pain? Spinal osteoarthritis is more common than you think. Find out if this condition is causing your back pain.[] For instance, canes can help you walk. Grabbing tools can help you pick up items. Ask your doctor about other ways to make your daily life easier.[] Home Patient Care Services Hip & Knee Adult Reconstruction and Hip Preservation Overview Arthritis of the Hip Arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain in the hip[]

  • Osteoporosis

    KEYWORDS: Low Back Pain; Osteoporosis; SF-36; Thunder-Fire Moxibustion; VAS; Yang’s Modulus[] He tests the flexibility of her spine and her balance, her walking ability, and her risk of falling. Anna's walking style is uneven and she leans heavily on her cane.[] The pain resolved completely; 6 months later the patient presented with a similar episode of pain in the contralateral hip. This also resolved spontaneously.[]

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Ankylosing spondylitis is a form of spinal arthritis that causes back pain.[] Your physical therapist may recommend using an assistive device, such as a cane or walker to improve your walking, lessen pain, and lower your risk of falling.[] A 28-year-old woman received irregular medication due to ongoing backache and hip pain for 5 years.[]

  • Chondrosarcoma

    WELLNESS CENTER Back and Neck Care Millions of Americans suffer from back pain every year.[] I understand that some people have shorter recoveries, but It took me about 2 months to begin walking without crutches or a cane.[] We report a case of a 50-year-old female who presented with 6 months of left hip pain.[]

  • Osteoarthritis

    KEYWORDS: Aged; Assessment; Chronic Low Back Pain; Chronic Pain; Elderly; Hip Osteoarthritis; Low Back Pain; Primary Care[] A cane takes weight off your knee or hip as you walk. Hold the cane in the hand opposite the leg that hurts.[] , pain scores and hip flexion.[]

  • Familial Paget's Disease of Bone

    He has a history of back pain. An open, unlabeled pillbox was found. An ECG is ordered. What is the diagnosis?[] Options include: Physical help, like wedges in your shoe, a cane for walking, physical therapy, and other ways to build muscle that can help control pain Medicines like bisphosphonates[] Paget's disease is most often found by chance when a person sees a doctor for a problem such as hip or back pain.[]

  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

    pain.[] […] broken bones: increase your activity level gradually (but avoid unusually high impact sports) wear supportive shoes with low heels and non-slippery soles use support for walking[] She denies any trauma or prior history of hip pain. Her past medical history is reviewed including a list of her current medications.[]

  • Hip Arthritis

    Our patient presented with persistent and worsening sharp lower back pain and underwent arthrocentesis of the hip joint, yielding purulent fluid positive for Eikenella corrodens[] However, when I do go on longer walks without my cane, I can feel aches and pains afterwards. The coordination of walking with a cane is a bit different.[] Hip Surgery Hip surgery may be the answer when hip joint pain is not helped by other treatments.[]

  • Trochanteric Bursitis

    Recently this syndrome was found in hospital-referred, chronic low back pain (LBP) patients.[] While dealing with your trochanteric bursitis, you may need to rely on supportive devices, such as a walking cane.[] Specific examination for in presence should be a routine in all patients with RA, especially those with hip pain.[]

  • Quadratus Lumborum Syndrome

    Serious low back pain.[] It's been 4 months since the procedure and I still can't walk without a cane, or get out of a chair or bed without a walker.[] pain in the left hip.[]

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