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460 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Horseshoe Kidney

  • Renal Angiomyolipoma

    We report a case of a pregnant woman with 18 weeks of gestation admitted in the emergency room with an acute right low back pain with no other symptoms.[] Incidence of tumoural pathology in horseshoe kidneys. Eur Urol 1998;33:175-9. 9. Murphy WM, Grignon DJ, Perlman EJ. Kidney tumors in adults.[] Clinical History: 59-year old woman with right lower back pain for more than one year Diagnosis: Right renal angiomyolipoma MR Technique: Upper abdominal imaging was performed[]

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma

    Kidney cancer symptoms may include hematuria, back pain, and weight loss.[] The following may increase your risk of kidney cancer: Smoking Obesity Dialysis treatment Family history of the disease High blood pressure Horseshoe kidney Long-term use[] ; upper respiratory tract infection; headache; rash; itchy skin; nausea; cough; constipation; back pain; fever; and stomach pain.[]

  • Urinary Retention

    The patient should also be asked about the presence of hematuria , dysuria, fever, low back pain, neurologic symptoms.[] The possible underlying mechanism was detected as urinary infection in a child with horseshoe kidney.[] The infection is acquired during sexual intercourse and presents with low back pain, penile discharge, low grade fever and an inability to pass urine.[]

  • Medullary Sponge Kidney

    Renal colic (flank and back pain) is present in 55% of patients. Women with[] Among the conditions associated with MSK are Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome/hemihyperplasia (13%), horseshoe kidney, congenital small kidney, hyperparathyroidism, Caroli syndrome[] Renal arterial fibromuscular dysplasia dysplasia Caroli's disease Anodontia Ehlers–Danlos syndrome Polycystic kidney disease Marfan's syndrome Horseshoe kidney Table 1.[]

  • Kidney Disease

    Back pain Diarrhea Fever Nosebleeds Rash Vomiting Having one or more of any of the symptoms above may be a sign of serious kidney problems.[] Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease Horseshoe Kidney (Renal Fusion) Hunner's Ulcer Hydroxychloroquine-induced Renal Phospholipidosis Hyperaldosteronism Hypercalcemia[] Lower back pain. Bloody, foamy or coffee-colored urine. High blood pressure. Your doctor can determine if your kidneys are diseased or damaged in two basic ways.[]

  • Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna

    He was evaluated for low back pain; CT scans were not obtained.[] She was noted to have mild renal insufficiency and horseshoe kidneys with multiple renal cysts.[] pains, infections, and oral health.[]

  • Epidural Hematoma

    Caudal epidural injection is one of the conventional treatments of chronic back pain.[] Urethral Trauma (Male) Horseshoe Kidney Nephrolithiasis Lobar Nephronia Low density mass with ill-defined borders in left kidney Due to infection from vesicoureteric reflux[] A 69-year-old woman weighing 58 kg presented with back pain that had persisted for 12 years. Her medical history was notable for hypertension.[]

  • Pyelonephritis

    However, children are usually sicker with fever, back pain, or vomiting with pyelonephritis. Keep in Mind Pyelonephritis requires medical attention.[] […] disease Horseshoe kidney Double ureter Ureterocele Vesicoureteric reflux Foreign body Urinary, ureteric, or nephrostomy catheters Calculus Immunosuppressed state Diabetes[] […] part of your body The need or urge to urinate more often, even if is it only a little bit, and A fever, back pain and vomiting may also be present if the infection has moved[]

  • Supernumerary Kidney

    We report a case of an unusually symptomatic supernumerary kidney that presented as back pain.[] The horseshoe kidney (HSK) is the most common renal anomaly, but supernumerary kidney in a horseshoe conjunction is a very rare event.[] Case Presentation: A 58‐year‐old woman presented to our emergency room with low back pain and malaise to the point of being unable to perform activities of daily living for[]

  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis

    Cutaneous Metastases From Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis: A Case Report Abstract A 73-year-old female patient presented with left back pain.[] . • Stasis of urine and structural abnormalities such as horseshoe kidney. 24 June 2014 6 7.[] These include: blood in the urine persistent back pain fatigue unexplained weight loss painful or frequent urination These symptoms are associated with malignant cancer of[]

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