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28 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Inability to Walk on Heels, Sciatica

  • Sciatica

    […] to bring the foot upwards (walk on heels) Weakness in lifting the big toe or ankle up Pain and/or numbness on top of the foot, particularly between the big toe and second[] Back pain: why and how to cure it Most people forget that back pain can be caused by severe emotional and psychological tension.[] While this test is positive in about 90% of people with sciatica, approximately 75% of people with a positive test do not have sciatica.[]

  • Lumbar Spondylosis

    […] on your toes or heels.)[] Low back pain in subjects was assessed using a self-administered questionnaire.[] Cases with degenerative low back pain and sciatica were assessed before and after therapeutic interventions with combined movement examination and a battery of self-report[]

  • Low Back Pain

    These would include the inability to walk or inability to raise or lower your foot at the ankle.[] This article provides an overview of evaluating and treating low back pain in the outpatient setting.[] Low back pain and sciatica: summary of NICE guidance Ian A Bernstein , musculoskeletal physician and general practitioner 1 , Qudsia Malik , senior research fellow 2 , Serena[]

  • Lumbar and Sacral Arthritis

    […] on your toes or heels.)[] pain are less common than nonspecific low back pain.[] Sciatica is not in itself a disease.[]

  • Lumbar Osteoarthritis

    […] on your toes or heels.)[] Low pressure pain thresholds are associated with, but does not predispose for, low back pain.[] When I have sciatica attacks, I wear a back belt, purchased from a pharmacy.[]

  • Back Muscle Spasms

    These would include the inability to walk or inability to raise or lower your foot at the ankle.[] Leading Cause of Back Pain Today Can Be Relieved Naturally Back spasms are one of the leading causes of back pain, and the first step to pain relief is understanding the problem[] It sounds like it could be sciatica (from the way you've been sitting, either in bed/sofa/chair hunched over the computer while on the forum.....)[]

  • Myelopathy

    She exhibited a spastic gait on the right with inability to heel walk or tandem walk. She had difficulty squatting.[] He had low back and leg pain and morning stiffness for 5 yrs.[] Pressure on the sciatic nerve causes sciatica, or leg pain, tingling or numbness. Causes include a nerve that is pinched, irritated, inflamed or damaged by disease.[]

  • Cervical Osteoarthritis

    […] on your toes or heels.)[] After back pain, simple neck pain (pain varying over time and with activity) is the most frequent musculoskeletal cause of consultation in primary care worldwide.[] As the condition progresses, complications such as numbness, sciatica or herniated discs may appear. What are the signs and symptoms of neck (cervical) osteoarthritis?[]

  • Cervical Spondylosis

    […] on your toes or heels.)[] Though most commonly seen in the neck region, spondylosis can affect other parts of the spine and cause back pain.[] Therapeutically, it has been found useful for alleviating cervical spondylitis, back ache and sciatica.[]

  • Lumbar Spine Disorder

    Inability to walk on the heels or toes, to squat, or to arise from a squatting position, when appropriate, may be considered evidence of significant motor loss.[] Sources of Low Back Pain/Lumbar Spine Disorders An injury is the most common cause for low back pain.[] It is important to distinguish between true sciatica and hip related pain.[]

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