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491 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Leg Pain, Vaginal Discharge

  • Cervical Cancer

    Signs of advanced cervical cancer include: Weight loss Fatigue Back pain Leg pain or swelling Leakage of urine or feces from the vagina Bone fractures[] The abnormal vaginal discharge, cervical lesion and chest pain were resolved.[] JANE HARRIS: A lot of the symptoms mimic other things like bloating and pelvic pain and back pain and indigestion, but when you put them all together there is actually a story[]

  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

    […] congestion syndrome, next to typical features such as epigastric and back pain.[] With pelvic congestion there is a lot of pain and a generally very heavy feeling.Symptoms are stomach cramps,backache ,pain ful gas,ibs symptoms,increased vaginal discharge[] Other symptoms may include lower back and leg pain, watery discharge from the vagina and exhaustion, as well as mood swings and abdominal bloating.[]

  • Preterm Labor

    The same goes for if you haven’t experienced back pain up until this point in your pregnancy.[] At the end of day the pain was becoming unbearable. By the time I got into my car I couldn’t move my legs and I curled over in excruciating pain.[] The results of vaginal discharge tests and maternal serum C-reactive protein (CRP) level at admission, placental biopsy, and perinatal outcomes were searched.[]

  • Tubal Pregnancy

    Low back pain. Mild pain in the abdomen or pelvis. Mild cramping on one side of the pelvis. If you have any of these symptoms, you should call your doctor.[] The vaginal bleeding can vary from being slight or brown vaginal discharge to being like a normal period.[] Pain in your lower back or even your shoulder Pain in your pelvic area (the part of your body between the stomach and legs). The pain may be mainly on one side.[]

  • Salpingitis

    Symptoms The most common are: Vaginal discharge with abnormal smell and color Alernating Pain with periods Pain during ovulation Lower back pain Pain during sexual intercourse[] […] urination fever of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius chills body aches and pain back pain that spreads down the legs What are the causes and risks of the condition?[] Smelly vaginal discharge is one of the most characteristic signs of salpingitis.[]

  • Low Back Pain

    Abstract Low back pain is a leading cause of disability.[] […] of any duration, with or without leg pain.[] discharge or pain during sex.[]

  • Leukorrhea

    I feel very lazy , I feel low back pain & sometimes I feel pain in my calves. I have also problem of constipation.[] , gray discharge Mucus and pus mixed in with discharge Frothy yellow-green discharge STAYFREE products provide excellent protection for normal vaginal discharges.[] […] during or after intercourse Spots on undergarments from discharge Lower back or abdominal pain Leg pain, specifically calf and thigh Frequent urination, especially burning[]

  • Quadratus Lumborum Syndrome

    Serious low back pain.[] If a person comes into the office complaining of back or leg pain that seems to follow certain patterns "“ such as sciatica (pain in the leg which follows the distribution[] Learn more about Vaginal Yeast Infection at Methodist Healthcare A vaginal yeast infection is irritation of the vagina and the outside area.[]

  • Pelvic Pain in Women

    How Can I Prevent Low Back Pain? There are many ways to prevent low back pain.[] Barad, MD, MS, Director of Assisted Reproductive Technology, Center for Human Reproduction Symptoms of Gynecologic Disorders Pelvic Pain Vaginal Bleeding Vaginal Discharge[] Common symptoms include pelvic pain, stomach pain, unusual bleeding, changes in bladder and bowel movements, fatigue, and hip or leg pain.[]

  • Disorders of the Sacrum

    Back Pain Back pain is often a common symptom of many disease conditions and the back pain may range from simple or dull pain to sudden and sharp pain.[] SI Joint Pain Symptoms, Causes and Risk Factors Although some people experience pain in both legs or hips, most with SI dysfunction have symptoms in only one leg along with[] Pelvic pain with vaginal bleeding or discharge. May have unexpected weight loss, and fatigue Ovarian cancer is 2nd most comon reproductive cancer in women.[]

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