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14 Possible Causes for Back Pain, Muscle Mass Decreased, Supraclavicular Fat Pads

  • Obesity

    They never keep their hands down by their sides because they’d be leaving their face The 8 Best Decompression Belts for Back Pain [Updated May 2019] Chronic back pain can[] In elderly patients, obesity induces a decrease in skeletal muscle strength and mass, which is linked to age-related sarcopenia.[] mass, decreasing in starvation and increasing during resistive activity when sufficient protein was ingested.[]

  • Morbid Obesity

    Similarly, the strain on bones and muscles in the back leads to disk problems, pain, and decreased mobility. Learn more about osteoarthritis.[] In addition, the amount of muscle in your body tends to decrease with age. This lower muscle mass leads to a decrease in metabolism.[] ., incomplete anesthesia or analgesia), back pain, post-dural puncture headache, and hypotension to permanent nerve damage, epidural abscess, hematoma, and meningitis.[]

  • Cushing Syndrome

    A 18-years-old woman suffering from Cushing's Disease presented after many years treatment of the primary disease referring severe back pain and worsening back deformity.[] […] hump"), increased supraclavicular fat pads, and white abdominal striae.[] Potential complications of Cushing Syndrome include vulnerability to infections, osteoporosis, hypertension, and a decrease in muscle mass The treatment of Cushing Syndrome[]

  • ACTH-Dependent Cushing Syndrome

    R is a 52 year-old male who presented with decreased libido, depression, and lower back pain.[] Case: A 26-year-old male patient presented with moon face, purplish striae, supraclavicular fat pads and proximal muscle weakness.[] mass.[]

  • Diabetic Pseudotabes

    pain Differences Between Disc Herniations and Boney formations Disc Herniations: Age( UNDER 40,) Boney Change( OVER 50) Backache: Disc( Short duration), Boney change( Long[] Skin (plethora; hirstutism; ance; telengectasia); Moon facies; Eyes (visual fields - fundi (HTN DM Papilloedema); Mouth thrush; Neck - supraclavicular fat pads; acanthosis[] Motor peripheral neuropathy with muscle imbalance resulting from impaired innervation of muscles and tendons, first of the peroneal muscles, with decrease in muscle mass of[]

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    Six months after receiving three cycles of sipuleucel-T, the patient’s alkaline phosphatase (ALP) level rose and he reported new onset back pain requiring NSAIDs and occasional[] The patient had oral candidiasis, thin skin, multiple petechiae on the chest, a small supraclavicular fat pad and proximal muscle weakness.[] mass, weakness Decreased bone mass (osteoporosis) Shrunken testicles Depression Loss of self-esteem, aggressiveness/alertness and higher cognitive functions such as prioritizing[]

  • Nelson Syndrome

    During the second trimester she developed severe leg and back pain and became wheelchair-bound.[] fat pad, sometimes known as a 'buffalo hump' purple skin striae easy skin bruising acanthosis nigricans proximal myopathy depression and other mood disorders osteoporosis[] muscle mass and increased fat mass are noted and accompanied by a low metabolic rate which is approximately 60% of normal. 1, 2, 6 There are limited treatment options available[]

  • Virilization

    Get dental tips 22 May 2018 Virtual physiotherapy What is 'virtual physiotherapy' and could it help ease your back pain?[] Stigmata of Cushing’s syndrome (facial plethora, striae, dorsocervical or supraclavicular fat pads) were not present. Figure 1.[] Signs of virilization might include: Deepening voice Balding Acne Decreased breast size Increased muscle mass Enlargement of the clitoris Causes At puberty, a girl's ovaries[]

  • Congenital Isolated ACTH Deficiency

    Some suffer joint and muscle pain. Very rarely, bleeding into the adrenal glands (see Figure 1 in appendix) causes acute severe back pain.[] Progressive central (truncal) obesity, facial rounding (moon facies), and supraclavicular and cervicodorsal fat pads (buffalo hump) representing fat redistribution are the[] Other effects include a decrease in skeletal muscle mass, bone mineral density, sexual function, libido, and general well-being.[]

  • Ovarian Stromal Hyperthecosis

    […] distention due to fluid collection (ascites), fluid in the chest cavity (hydrothorax), rapid weight gain (of a pound or more per day) due to tissue fluid retention, abdominal pain[] She had moon facies with increased supraclavicular fat pads.[] , lower back ache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, visual disturbances such as blurred vision and spots in front of the eyes (scotomata), a rapidly declining urine output, cardiovascular[]

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