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1,170 Possible Causes for Bacteria, Pyelonephritis

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    […] penicillin allergy inactive against Gram-positive bacteria, Bacteroides spp. and Pseudomonas spp. provenance outside the AmpC-producing bacteria susceptible to this agent[] Febrile urinary tract infections (UTIs) include a spectrum of pathologies from uncomplicated pyelonephritis to urosepsis, including xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (XGP[] KEYWORDS: Antibiotic susceptibilities; Antibiotic use; Causative bacteria; Multicentre study; Urinary tract infection[]

  • Cystitis

    Computed tomography revealed well defined emphysematous pyelonephritis and cystitis.[] The first challenge the bacteria face is getting up the urinary tract in the first place.[] Emphysematous pyelonephritis (EPN) or cystitis (EC) is a severe infection of the urinary tract with high mortality.[]

  • Urinary Tract Disease

    Abstract We assessed the ability of reagent strip screening to predict the finding of blood cells and bacteria using an automated urinalysis workstation (The Yellow IRIS,[] […] fastidious microbial species, not conventionally associated with urinary tract infection, are recoverable from the upper urinary tracts of patients with so-called sterile pyelonephritis[] […] microorganisms not conventionally associated with urinary tract infection are recoverable from the bladder urine of a high percentage of patients with so-called "sterile pyelonephritis[]

  • Acute Cystitis

    The urinary tract contains no bacteria in healthy individuals.[] E. coli "clonal group A" (CGA) and the O2:K5/K7:H1 and O75:K clonal groups were significantly associated with cystitis and/or pyelonephritis.[] […] penicillin allergy inactive against Gram-positive bacteria, Bacteroides spp. and Pseudomonas spp. provenance outside the AmpC-producing bacteria susceptible to this agent[]

  • Pyelonephritis

    […] or fimbriae present on the bacteria.[] Bacteria may travel from the rectum or the vagina towards the urethra to gain entry into the urinary system. Other bacteria may enter from the skin.[] Pyelonephritis Other names Kidney infection [36] In other words, pyelitis together with nephritis is collectively known as pyelonephritis.[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Treatment of acute pyelonephritis costs approximately 2.14 billion annually. Pregnant women run a higher risk of being affected by acute pyelonephritis.[] Acute pyelonephritis was diagnosed using Tc-99m dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) renal scan.[] However, e. coli is by far the most common bacteria causing acute pyelonephritis.[]

  • Upper Urinary Tract Infection

    Of the 200 patients with positive urine cultures, 146 (73%) were infected with gram-negative bacteria and 54 (27%) grew gram-positive bacteria.[] Recurrence of the pyelonephritis was consistently documented by a renewed increase of urinary lactic acid concentration.[] The presence of leucocytes and bacteria does not interfere with the assay.[]

  • Lower Urinary Tract Infection

    The study will also characterize the safety and tolerability of treatment with doripenem in patients with complicated urinary tract infection or pyelonephritis.[] Abstract The results of scintiphotography with gallium-67 (67Ga), renography with technetium-99m diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid, immunofluorescence of antibody coated bacteria[] Women are especially prone to invasion of their urinary tract by bacteria due to their shorter urinary tract; these bacteria may invade the urinary tract and multiply, resulting[]

  • Acute Prostatitis

    Since bacteria causing the prostatitis is easily recoverable from the urine, prostate massage is not required to make the diagnosis.[] Urinary alpha2-macroglobulin/albumin ratio was significantly lower in prostatitis compared to the reference population, cystitis or acute pyelonephritis (p 0.0001).[] Using crystal violet binding assay, we examined the potential for biofilm formation in 194, 76 and 107 isolates from urine of patients with uncomplicated acute cystitis, pyelonephritis[]

  • Dysuria

    Nausea and emesis also typically accompany acute pyelonephritis.[] In patients over 35 years of age, coliform bacteria predominate.[] Also they should urinate soon after sexual intercourse to flush bacteria away from the urethra. This helps prevent the bacteria from moving into the bladder.[]

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