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2,214 Possible Causes for Bacterial Meningitis, Balanoposthitis, Earlier Onset May Occur

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    The increased risk or earlier onset of age-related cataracts in diabetic patients may be a result of the accumulation of sorbitol within the lens and accompanying changes[] Diabetic patients develop age-related lens changes that are indistinguishable from nondiabetic age-related cataracts, except that these lens changes tend to occur at a younger[]

  • Gonorrhea

    Rare complications of DGI include bacterial meningitis, pericarditis, and endocarditis — inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, the membrane surrounding[] Symptoms of DGI in infants include arthritis, meningitis and sepsis, a bacterial infection of the blood DGI can be successfully treated using antibiotic regimens similar to[] […] multiple skin lesions, painful swelling of joints (arthritis), infection of the inner lining of the heart, and inflammation of the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord (meningitis[]

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  • Psoriasis

    Practice guidelines for the management of bacterial meningitis. Clin Infect Dis. 2004;39(9):1267–1284. 14. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[] Among children and adolescents, plaque psoriasis has been found to affect females more than males, but this observation may be due to the earlier age of onset in females.[] The first peak occurs in persons aged 16-22 years, and the second occurs in persons aged 57-60 years.[]

  • Bacterial Infections

    This review summarizes the most recent clinical studies on the use of rifampin combinations for treating four common non-mycobacterial infections: acute bacterial meningitis[] Anaerobic balanoposthitis. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1982 Mar 20;284(6319):859–860.[] We defined SBIs as urinary tract infections, bacteremia, or bacterial meningitis, with the latter 2 considered invasive bacterial infections.[]

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  • Gram Negative Bacterial Infection

    Bacterial meningitis in adults. EBSCO DynaMed Plus website. Available at: . Updated September 26, 2017. Accessed December 11, 2017.[] Balanoposthitis from G vaginalis has also been described.[] Bacterial meningitis. Updated January 25, 2017. Accessed October 8, 2018. Nath A. Meningitis: bacterial, viral, and other.[]

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  • Septic Arthritis

    Sometimes, infectious arthritis occurs when a person develops another infection, such as a bloodstream infection (also known as bacteremia) or bacterial meningitis.[] PubMed Search: Balanoposthitis penis Advertisement Page views in 2019: 4,611 Page views in 2020 to date: 242 Cite this page: Chaux A, Cubilla AL. Balanoposthitis.[] Joints with preexisting arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are especially prone to bacterial arthritis spread through the blood.[]

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  • Syphilis

    , Pneumococcal 1979 - 1999 Meningitis, Other Bacterial 1979 - 1999 Meningitis, Viral 1952 - 1999 Mumps 1924 to 1959, 1986 - Paratyphoid 1924 to 1952, 1969 - 1999 Pertussis[] Secondary syphilis is in the differential diagnosis of many disease presentations, including those with components of meningitis, hepatitis, nephritis, and arthritis.[] Meningococcal Disease 1924 - Invasive Pneumococcal Disease 2000 - Legionellosis 1986 - Leprosy 1925 - Listeriosis (all types) 1990 - 1999 Malaria 1929 to 1978, 1983 - Measles 1924 - Meningitis[]

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  • Meningeal Disorder

    Vaccines have dramatically reduced the incidence of bacterial meningitis. Fast facts on bacterial meningitis Here are some facts about bacterial meningitis.[] Earlier onset of seizures generally indicates a greater risk for developmental delay.[] Acute bacterial meningitis is the most common form of meningitis. Approximately 80% of all cases are acute bacterial meningitis.[]

    Missing: Balanoposthitis
  • Streptococcus Pyogenes

    Streptococcus pyogenes is a very uncommon cause of bacterial meningitis beyond the neonatal period. A case report and a review of the recent literature is presented.[] In addition, this bacterium is a causative agent of balanoposthitis.[] Our patient diverges from the few previously reported S. pyogenes intracranial infections in that there was neither an adjacent infection nor a bacterial meningitis.[]

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  • Balanitis

    METHOD: A data search was performed using the OVID CD plus Medline 1967-1995, using balanitis and balanoposthitis as textword search strategy.[] What is Balanoposthitis? What causes Balanoposthitis? How is Balanoposthitis diagnosed? How is Balanoposthitis treated?[] Log In or Register to continue Jun 30, 2017 Posted by in UROLOGY Comments Off on Balanitis and Balanoposthitis[]

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