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12 Possible Causes for Bacterial Meningitis, Central Diabetes Insipidus, Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis

  • Skull Fracture

    Antibiotics are often given prophylactically, although their role in preventing bacterial meningitis has not been established.[] BACKGROUND AND IMPORTANCE: Pulmonary embolus (PE) occurring concurrent with-and as a result of-traumatic superior sagittal sinus thrombosis (SSST) has never before been reported[] A bacterial infection in the intracranial cavity can result in a life-threatening condition known as septic meningitis.[]

  • Meningococcal Meningitis

    Is bacterial meningitis contagious? Yes.[] Early complications of bacterial meningitis include seizures, raised intracranial pressure (seen in the image below), cerebral venous thrombosis, sagittal sinus thrombosis[] sinus thrombosis, and hydrocephalus.[]

  • Pneumococcal Meningitis

    Pneumococcal meningitis is a bacterial inflammation of the meninges. It is potentially fatal with increased incidence of mortality in the very young and in the elderly.[] SAGITTAL SINUS.[] Dexamethasone in adults with bacterial meningitis. European dexamethasone in adulthood bacterial meningitis. N Engl J Med . 2002;347(20):1549-156.[]

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) can be seen with some viral encephalitis, particularly HSV but is a rare complication of bacterial meningitis.[] Following TBI or SAH, posterior hypopituitarism presents with central diabetes insipidus (with potentially life-threatening hypernatremia if the patient has impaired thirst[] […] with recanalization of the cortical vein but a patent superior sagittal sinus.[]

  • Binswanger Disease

    […] used synonymously with viral meningitis , but also incudes meningeal inflammation due to various drugs (e.g., NSAIDs) or diagnostic procedures (e.g., angiography); atypical[] Diabetes insipidus and central neurogenic salt wasting can complicate subarachnoid hemorrhage.[] […] syndrome characterized by headache, neck stiffness, low grade fever, and Cerebro Spinal Fluid lymphocytic pleocytosis in the absence of an acute bacterial pathogen; often[]

  • Salti-Salem Syndrome

    Meningitis : Viral, bacterial and tuberculous. Peripheral neurophathy. Epilepsy. Extrapyramidal diseases. Common compressive and noncompressive spinal cord syndromes.[] […] hypogonadism deafness mental retardation * Diabetes insipidus primary central * Diabetes insipidus, diabetes mellitus, optic atrophy * Diabetes insipidus, nephrogenic type[] Venous thrombosis is more common in patients with nephrotic syndrome compared with arterial thrombosis; thrombosis, when present, may occur in the renal vein, sagittal sinus[]

  • Neurosarcoidosis

    The imaging abnormalities are however by no means specific and are seen in infections such as bacterial and tuberculous meningitis, tumours and other inflammatory disorders[] Diabetes Insipidus in a Patient With Neurosarcoidosis. ( 27652275 ) Sanghi V....Kapoor A. 2016 43 NEUROSARCOIDOSIS MASQUERADING AS A CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM TUMOR. ( 27571425[] More recently, Degardin et al 50 presented a case of a 47-year-old man with superior sagittal sinus thrombosis.[]

  • Spastic Paraplegia - Precocious Puberty

    , Bacterial Meningitis, Chronic Meningitis, Recurrent Meningitis, Viral Menopause Mesenteric Adenitis Mesenteric Ischemia, Nonocclusive Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis Metabolic[] diabetes insipidus Acquired idiopathic sideroblastic anemia Acquired myasthenia gravis Acquired neutropenia Acquired peripheral neuropathy Acquired von Willebrand syndrome[] Superior sagittal sinus thrombosis associated with Evans syn- drome of-haemolytic anaemia. J Neurol 1985280-2 13. Al-Fiar FZ, Clink HM.[]

  • Familial Episodic Pain Syndrome Type 1

    , viral and bacterial infections Severe headache with radiation down neck; acute illness and fever; positive Kernig's sign Brain abscess Mild to severe headache; local or[] diabetes insipidus Acquired idiopathic sideroblastic anemia Acquired myasthenia gravis Acquired neutropenia Acquired peripheral neuropathy Acquired von Willebrand syndrome[] Mass lesions (tumor, abscess), disruptions of resorption of CSF (meningitis, subarachnoid hemorrhage), sagittal sinus thrombosis or pseudotumor cerebri can all cause increased[]

  • Pancreatic Insufficiency - Anemia - Hyperostosis Syndrome

    Neoplasms Meningioma Meningism Meningitis Meningitis, Aseptic Meningitis, Bacterial Meningitis, Cryptococcal Meningitis, Escherichia coli Meningitis, Fungal Meningitis, Haemophilus[] Central diabetes insipidus is characterised by - 1) Low plasma and low urine osmolality 2) High plasma and high urine osmolality 3) Low plasma and high urine osmolality 4)[] Sinus Thrombosis Salivary Calculi Salivary Duct Calculi Salivary Gland Calculi Salivary Gland Diseases Salivary Gland Fistula Salivary Gland Neoplasms Salmonella Food Poisoning[]