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23 Possible Causes for Bacterial Pneumonia, Foul Smelling Urine, Proteinuria

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    The productions of these enzymes cause bacterial resistance to a wide range of antibiotics.[] The concurrent presence of cloudy and foul smelling urine is predicted of UTI diagnosis inpatients tertiary setting.[] […] state, including confusion If your urinary tract infection symptoms worsen or do not improve in 3 days of therapy Read More About: Kidney Problems Nephrotoxicity Azotemia Proteinuria[]

  • Enterobacter Infection

    The drug has also been approved for use with hospital-acquired or ventilator-assisted bacterial pneumonia, according to Medscape .[] However, in the asymptomatic patient, cloudy or foul smelling urine is not an indication for urinalysis, culture, or antimicrobial treatment.[] Urine routine examination showed proteinuria, and Serum albumin was 20g/l, liver function tests were unremarkable.[]

  • Blue Diaper Syndrome

    […] endocarditis * Bacterial food poisoning * Bacterial gastroenteritis * Bacterial meningitis * Bacterial pneumonia * Bacterial vaginalis … Wikipedia Indican — Chembox new ImageFile[] Musty smelling urine is often the result of liver disease or liver failure. Foul smelling urine is usually associated with the presence of a urinary tract infection.[] Metastatic melanoma Porphyria Black Alcaptonuria Metastatic melanoma Porphyria White Chyluria Filariasis Hypercalciuria Hyperoxaluria Lipiduria Lymphatic fistula Phosphaturia Proteinuria[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    pneumoniae , Enterococus fecalis , Staphylococcus ).[] Fractional excretion of sodium is high, and nephrotic proteinuria may occur without glomerular abnormalities.[] Proteinuria during AP was also found more often among women in the DRS group (90% vs. 62%).[]

  • Pyelonephritis

    pneumoniae , Enterococus fecalis , Staphylococcus ).[] Increased urination Unproductive attempts to urinate despite feelings of urgency General ill feelings Cloudy urine Abnormally colored urine Blood in the urine Foul smelling[] Both presented mild proteinuria and hematuria.[]

  • Heart Transplantation

    In the acute setting, bacterial pneumonia is the most likely cause.[] : pain or burning, constant urge or frequent urination Bloody, cloudy, or foul-smelling urine If you have any of these symptoms of rejection or infection, notify your doctor[] CVD when compared with patients without proteinuria.[]

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    smelling substance.[] GI : gastroparesis in 25% of diabetics Renal : microalbuminuria- proteinuria- renal failure (delayed with ACE inhibitors or ARBs as well as BP control).[] Diabetic nephropathy is defined as persistent proteinuria.[]

  • Plicamycin

    Moreover, incidences of resistance of Gram positive bacterial infections against the new drugs such as Linezolid and Daptomycin have also been published [20,21].[] Report persistent fever or chills, unhealed sores, oral or vaginal sores, foul-smelling urine, easy bruising or bleeding, yellowing of eyes or skin, or change in color of[] […] increased retention of bromsulphalein have been reported. [ Ref ] Genitourinary Genitourinary effects including increased blood urea nitrogen, increased serum creatinine, and proteinuria[]

  • Urosepsis

    Nosocomial infections: Catheter associated infections (central venous catheters, bladder catheter), implants, wound infection, pneumonia. Diverse bacterial spectrum.[] Bloody or pink-colored urine (hematuria). Cloudy urine. Difficult or painful urination, or burning with urination (dysuria). Fever and chills. Foul-smelling urine.[] Blood tests indicated anaemia, leukocytosis, elevated CRP and ESR and mild hyponatraemia; haematuria, moderate bacteriuria and 2 proteinuria on urinanalysis were observed.[]

  • Urinary Tract Disease

    Treatment Oral T-S, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin u·ri·nar·y tract in·fec·tion (UTI) ( yūr'i-nar-ē trakt in-fek'shŭn ) Microbial infection, usually bacterial, of any part of[] […] in the urine Strong or foul-smelling urine Other symptoms that may be associated with a urinary tract infection include: Pain during sex Penis pain Flank (side of the body[] Proteinuria Proteinuria denotes high levels of protein in the urine.[]

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