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32 Possible Causes for Bad Taste, Peritonsillar Abscess, Tonsillitis

  • Tonsillitis

    It is a swelling of the tonsils caused by an infection. The most frequent cause of tonsillitis is a viral virus.[] The scabs that form on the wounds may give you a bad taste in your mouth.[] […] tonsils are infected in patients with peritonsillar abscess.[]

  • Halitosis

    Tonsillar halitosis is thought to occur mainly because of chronic caseous tonsillitis and tonsillolithiasis (tonsil stones).[] Occasionally, patients may confuse bad breath with bad taste in the mouth. The most common causes of occasional halitosis include: Smoking cigarettes or cigars.[] (peritonsillar, nasopharnygeal, lung), and carcinomas (nasal, sinuses, pharyngeal, lung). 10 , 60 , 61 , 62 , 63 , 64 , 65 Type 3 halitosis: gastroesophageal halitosis Type[]

  • Streptococcal Pharyngitis

    […] trial was conducted comparing AZ-ER (single oral 2-g dose) with AZ-IR (3 days, 500 mg once daily) for the treatment of group A beta-haemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis/tonsillitis[] taste ( 51 , 52 ).[] abscess, retropharyngeal abscess, and viral pharyngitis.[]

  • Chronic Tonsillitis

    Chronic tonsillitis is defined as more than five attacks of typical throat infection related symptoms per year accompanied by hypertrophy of the tonsils, most frequently caused[] Bad taste in mouth and foul breath (halitosis) due to pus in crypts. 4 Thick speech, difficulty in swallowing and choking spells at night (when tonsils are large and obstructive[] Peritonsillar abscess: tonsil antibiotic levels in patients treated by acute abscess surgery . Laryngoscope. 1982 ;92: 80 - 87 . Google Scholar Medline ISI 27.[]

  • Acute Adenoiditis

    Acute erythematous tonsillitis; Acute erythematous tonsillitis (disorder); Acute exudative tonsillitis; Acute follicular tonsillitis; Acute follicular tonsillitis (disorder[] I lost my taste/smell in 2007 when I had a bad sore throat and took Zicam spray. taken weeks and months of sore throat body aches fever cough without tonsils having throat[] Peritonsillar abscess A polymicrobial flora is isolated from peritonsillar abscesses (PTAs).[]

  • Periodontitis

    ST44 is indicated for the treatment of toothache, trigeminal neuralgia, mouth paralysis, sore throat, tonsilitis, epistaxis, gastric pain, abdominal pain and distention, diarrhea[] Periodontitis Symptoms In addition to the signs and symptoms of gingivitis, periodontal disease symptoms include: A bad taste in your mouth and persistent bad breath Gums[] Hiroko Monobe, Sayaka Suzuki, Masato Nakashima, Hitoshi Tojima and Kimitaka Kaga , Peritonsillar abscess with parapharyngeal and retropharyngeal involvement: incidence and[]

  • Lingular Tonsillitis

    Lingual tonsil is a part of this lymphoid tissue located at the back and base of tongue. Inflammation of lingual tonsils is called lingual tonsillitis.[] That may not be from the smoking. mehr a bad taste in the back of the throat difficulty swallowing ear ache and tonsil. Need Fast relief from Colds and Flu?[] Peritonsillar abscess A polymicrobial flora is isolated from peritonsillar abscesses (PTAs).[]

  • Tonsillectomy

    COBLATION technology uses an advanced process to remove tonsil tissue COBLATION technology precisely removes tissue by dissolving the tonsils at the molecular level rather[] Reasons reported for not administering prescribed medication included the child’s refusal to take medication, the bad taste of the medication, and the child’s refusal to swallow[] METHODS: After excluding patients with hemorrhagic disorder, chronic disease, and peritonsillar abscess, both tonsils were removed via classic dissection technique (cold knife[]

  • Peritonsillar Abscess

    CONCLUSIONS: Several findings support the acute tonsillitis hypothesis.[] Key words: Microbiology; Peritonsillar Abscess.[] Check if you have tonsillitis Tonsillitis can feel like a bad cold or flu. The tonsils at the back of your throat will be red and swollen.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Without involving the nose, pharyngitis inflames the pharynx, hypopharynx, uvula, and tonsils.[] Taking zinc as a preventive measure may lower the rates of developing a cold as well as the severity, but carries the risk of side effects such as bad taste and nausea.[] Assessing peritonsillar abscesses May 16, 2013 This infection manifests as a collection of pus and is often a complication of tonsillitis that may require referral to a specialist[]

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