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193 Possible Causes for Balanitis, Genital Herpes, Weight Loss

  • Funiculitis

    […] esophagitis oesophagitis phrenitis pneumonitis proctitis salpingitis spondylitis tracheobronchitis vaginitis endemic disease Quiz #2 Key adenitis angiitis aortitis appendicitis balanitis[] We report a case of a 24-year-old-man who experienced iliac fossa pain and weight loss eight years after his last trip to Mali.[] herpes, mycoplasma, and chlamydia.[]

  • Balanoposthitis

    If you are overweight, talk with your doctor about a weight-loss plan. Follow-up care Follow up with your healthcare provider, or as advised.[] In addition irritant balanitis is probably a contributing factor in many cases. Balanitis which persists and in which the cause remains unclear warrants biopsy.[] Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes may cause balanoposthitis. Systemic skin conditions.[]

  • Candidiasis

    Where there is severe vulvitis or balanitis associated with candidiasis, one per cent hydrocortisone preparations may be given with antifungal therapy to resolve symptoms.[] ‘The majority presented with fever, severe weight loss, diarrhoea, oral candidiasis etc.’[] herpes ) or a resistant strain of thrush.[]

  • Lymphogranuloma Venereum

    The report describes a young Caucasian homosexual man who presented with a 4-month history of bloody diarrhoea and weight loss.[] Lymphogranuloma venereum of the penis mimicking clinically gangrenous pyoderma and presenting histologically as macrophagocytic-histiocytic balanitis.[] Many tests were performed, and lymphogranuloma venereum, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydial urethritis and cervicitis, genital herpes, genital warts, and hepatitis C were diagnosed[]

  • Zoon Balanitis

    Weight loss, topical therapy and laser ablation represent treatment options, but these patients are often refractory to treatment. Wollina, U.[] This explains why the Zoon balanitis lesions go through long remission after circumcision.[] herpes and syphilis persistent dribbling of urine following urination Read more about the causes of balanitis .[]

  • Erythema Annulare Centrifugum

    Balanitis Balanitis plasmocellularis Zoon Balanitis circinata Phimosis, paraphimosis, frenulum breve and other lesions of the penis Collection of histological slides by prof[] Should weight gain become a problem later on, institute more systematic, supervised efforts (for example, weight loss programs and formal exercise classes).[] The heterogeneous clinical spectrum of genital herpes. Dermatology 2001; 202:211-219. ‎ Página 263 - AY, et al.[]

  • Dermatitis Herpetiformis

    Balanitis Balanitis plasmocellularis Zoon Balanitis circinata Phimosis, paraphimosis, frenulum breve and other lesions of the penis Collection of histological slides by prof[] They may include weight loss, abdominal discomfort and pale-coloured bowel motions. What does dermatitis herpetiformis look like?[] Type 1 herpes is called oral herpes and typically affects the mouth, tongue and lips. Type 2 herpes is called genital herpes and affects genital areas.[]

  • Cheilitis

    Poor-fitting dentures, malocclusion of teeth, and substantial weight loss may all contribute to sagging perioral skin.[] Other than the lip, genital areas are often involved, which is called plasma cell balanitis or vulvitis.[] The disease is contagious and can often lead to genital Herpes or Herpes Simplex Type 2.[]

  • Vulvitis

    Plasma cell balanitis affects the head of the penis (the glans) and is also known as balanitis circumscripta plasmacellularis and Zoon balanitis.[] TODAY'S EVENTS Calendar - Hysterectomies - Birthdays UPCOMING EVENTS Recovery Thread - bkfranke Jan.12 Request Information Fibroid Treatments Post-op Intimacy - Weight Loss[] Genital Herpes Simplex Genital herpes simplex is caused by infection with the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Free medical advise about Herpes Simplex Genital.[]

  • Carcinoma of the Penis

    Penile squamous cell carcinoma arising from balanitis xerotica obliterans is rarely reported.[] It was associated with a swollen right inguinal lymph node and a weight loss of 9 kg over the previous 6 months.[] Penile cancer penile cancer Cancer of penis Urology An SCC usually seen in noncircumcised with poor penile hygiene or Hx of STD, genital herpes.[]

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