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10,124 Possible Causes for Balanoposthitis, Earlier Onset May Occur, Fever

  • Psoriasis

    Among children and adolescents, plaque psoriasis has been found to affect females more than males, but this observation may be due to the earlier age of onset in females.[] […] stage of Rocky Mountain spotted fever do not blanch.[] Rocky Mountain spotted fever often starts on the wrists and ankles before spreading centrally. 5 View/Print Table Table 4.[]

  • Balanitis

    METHOD: A data search was performed using the OVID CD plus Medline 1967-1995, using balanitis and balanoposthitis as textword search strategy.[] When to seek medical advice Call your child's healthcare provider right away if: Your child has a fever (see Fever and children, below) The foreskin becomes trapped in a retracted[] What is Balanoposthitis? What causes Balanoposthitis? How is Balanoposthitis diagnosed? How is Balanoposthitis treated?[]

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  • Gonorrhea

    You should seek medical attention if you feel sick, have a fever or pelvic pain, or experience pain during sex.[] Fever with abdominal pain, pelvic pain, and vaginal discharge can be symptoms of this disease.[] Symptoms usually include chills, fever, joint pain or swelling, painful wrist and heel tendons, skin rash, and symptoms of meningitis (such as headaches, stiff and painful[]

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  • Bacterial Infections

    Anaerobic balanoposthitis. Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1982 Mar 20;284(6319):859–860.[] Fever myth teaser Q : Does having a fever mean your infection is bacterial rather than viral?[] Balanoposthitis occurs only in uncircumcised males.[1][2] However, balanitis and balanoposthitis often occur together, and the terms are commonly used interchangeably.[]

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  • Reiter's Syndrome

    Patients are diagnosed with balanitis or balanoposthitis ; Lymphatic enlargement in the groin area.[] A 32-year-old Japanese man developed polyarthritis with mild fever and conjunctivitis.[] The patient presented with fever, conjunctivitis, dysentery, urethritis and arthralgia.[]

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  • Syphilis

    A 37 year old man with a 2 year history of progressive cognitive decline, unilateral tinnitus and deafness presented with complex partial seizures and a fever.[] He had no history of travel, fever, joint pains, or medication or illicit drug use.[] High dose intravenous penicillin therapy was complicated by a severe Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (JHR) characterised by fever, obtundation, fluctuating upper motor neuron[]

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  • Septic Arthritis

    PubMed Search: Balanoposthitis penis Advertisement Page views in 2019: 4,611 Page views in 2020 to date: 242 Cite this page: Chaux A, Cubilla AL. Balanoposthitis.[] We conclude, that the absence of fever, rigors, blood leucocytosis and positive blood cultures does not rule out the possibility of bacterial arthritis.[] Circumcision prevents balanoposthitis. Without a foreskin, there can of course be no posthitis and hence no balanoposthitis.[]

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  • Impetigo

    Lymph nodes in the affected area may be swollen, but fever is rare.[] Rheumatic fever Group A streptococcal skin infections have rarely been linked to cases of rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.[] Severe forms of scarlet fever, associated with either local or hematogenous spread of the organism (septic scarlet fever) or with profound toxemia (toxic scarlet fever), are[]

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  • Diabetes Mellitus

    The increased risk or earlier onset of age-related cataracts in diabetic patients may be a result of the accumulation of sorbitol within the lens and accompanying changes[] 24 (100) 70 (97) Fever 17 (71) 62 (86) 0.22 (0.06, 0.88) 0.032 Fever without infectious illness 9 (38) 22 (31) 1.21 (0.44, 3.30) 0.715 Fever with any infectious illness 14[] At admission, she presented with a fever, chills, nausea, low back pain, and malaise, which were followed by progressive renal dysfunction.[]

  • Secondary Syphilis

    Abstract A 34-year-old, HIV-positive man living in Texas presented with a 2-week history of fever, malaise, myalgias, oral ulcers, and papules on his chest, back, face, and[] Secondary syphilis is characterized by systemic symptoms, such as malaise and fever as well as a maculopapular rash involving the trunk and extremities including the palms[] A 21-year-old Brazilian man presented with a two-month history of asymptomatic cutaneous lesions accompanied by fever and fatigue.[]

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