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85 Possible Causes for Barrel Chest, Clubbed Finger

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    On the lateral radiograph, a "barrel chest" with widened anterior-posterior diameter may be visualized.[] Examples include: finger clubbing, wheezing, exercise intolerance, chest tightness, cough productive of sputum, and coughing up blood.[] Thoracic examination reveals the following: Hyperinflation (barrel chest) Wheezing – Frequently heard on forced and unforced expiration Diffusely decreased breath sounds Hyperresonance[]

  • Ketoadipicaciduria

    Clubbing of fingers MedGen UID: 3129 • Concept ID: C0009080 • Finding An abnormal enlargement of the terminal phalanges accompanied by increased length-wise curvature of the[] Chest List of possible causes of Barrel Chest or similar symptoms may include: 2 Achondrogenesis type 1A (Barrel-shaped chest) Achondrogenesis type 2 (Barrel-shaped chest[] […] nails, giving the digits a club-like appearance.[]

  • Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis

    Other symptoms include: - fatigue - weight loss - low-grade fever - non-productive cough - clubbing of fingers (advanced stages) - cyanosis (bluish tinge) of fingernails Diagnosis[] Emphysema Classification and external resources A lateral chest x ray of a person with emphysema. Note the barrel chest and flat diaphragm … Wikipedia[]

  • Cor Pulmonale

    Physical examination revealed a very sick girl with tachypnoea, central cyanosis, finger clubbing, elevated jugular venous pulse, generalized crackles and rhonchi in the chest[] Physical exam shows barrel shaped chest, inspiratory crackles, hepatojugular reflux, pulsus paradoxus, and ventricular gallop.[]

  • Silicosis

    Then, as the disease gets worse, it can cause weight loss, extreme tiredness, wheezing and sometimes swollen fingers ( finger clubbing ).[] Chest pain and finger clubbing are not features of silicosis. Systemic symptoms, such as fever and weight loss, suggest complicating infection or neoplastic disease.[]

  • Congenital Clubbing of the Fingers

    Another condition to watch out for is clubbed finger with barrell chest.[] Re: Is there a cure/ treatment for clubbed fingers.[] So, finger clubbing causes your nail to grow over the ends of your fingers rather than out. The specific cause for clubbed fingers remains a mystery.[]

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    fingers An early diagnosis of CF and treatment plan can improve both survival and quality of life.[] Children with Cystic Fibrosis experience symptoms including difficulty breathing, frequent respiratory infections, cough, rapid respirations, and a barrel-chested appearance[] Intercostal retractions, use of accessory muscles of respiration, a barrel-chest deformity, digital clubbing, cyanosis, and a declining tolerance for exercise occur with disease[]

  • Hepatosplenomegaly

    Coarse facies, a barrel chest, and short stature are characteristic. Hepatic cells contain numerous vacuoles and numerous inclusions.[] […] of fingers (4%).[] Most patients are short in stature and barrel-chested. Cardiac valves often are thickened and endocardial fibroelastosis is frequently seen.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    fingers), swelling of the legs, or severe breathlessness.[] General physical signs Barrel chest (increased anteroposterior diameter) Diaphragm appears lower and flatter Paradoxical inward movement of the lower ribs and visible interspaces[] In chronic bronchitis patients there may be a persistent lack of oxygen leading to features of cyanosis (blue lips and nails) and clubbing (enlargement of the tips of the[]

  • Respiratory Acidosis

    Clubbing of the fingers, characterized by enlargement of the fingertips and nail changes, may also occur.[] Barrel chest (emphysema) 7. Use of accessory muscles for breathing 8. Prolonged expiration 9. Orthopnea 10. Cardiac dysrhythmias 11.[] […] of fingers Depression Hand tremors Twitching Seizures If left untreated, other symptoms may also become evident as the complications of respiratory acidosis arises.[]

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