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66 Possible Causes for Barrel Chest, Decreased Breath Sounds

  • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

    A physical examination may reveal a barrel-shaped chest, wheezing, or decreased breath sounds.[] Hyperinflation results in barrel chest, increased percussion note, decreased breath sound intensity (see breath sound assessment video, below), and distant heart sounds.[] breath sounds.[]

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    Chest auscultation revealed decreased breath sounds without rales.[] On the lateral radiograph, a "barrel chest" with widened anterior-posterior diameter may be visualized.[] Symptoms are productive cough and dyspnea that develop over years; common signs include decreased breath sounds, prolonged expiratory phase of respiration, and wheezing.[]

  • Middle Lobe Syndrome

    Other significant findings were decreased breath sounds with crackles in the right middle and lower lung zones.[] Note the barrel chest and flat diaphragm … Wikipedia respiratory disease — human disease Introduction any of the diseases and disorders that affect human respiration (respiration[] Emphysema Classification and external resources A lateral chest x ray of a person with emphysema.[]

  • Hemoptysis

    Physical examination showed decreased breath sounds in the right lung on auscultation.[] chest, intercostal retractions, pursed lipmuscles, barrel chest, intercostal retractions, pursed lip breathing, rhonchi, distant heart soundsbreathing, rhonchi, distant heart[] breath sounds or egophony Elevated WBC count Chest x-ray Blood and sputum cultures in hospitalized patients Primary vascular source Aortic aneurysm with leakage into the[]

  • Hypoventilation

    Thoracic examination Upon thoracic examination, patients with obstructive lung disease have diffuse wheezing, hyperinflation (barrel chest), diffusely decreased breath sounds[] breath sounds, Hyperresonance upon percussion, Prolonged expiration, Coarse crackles beginning with inspiration may be heard, Wheezes frequently are heard upon forced and[] Barrel chest (emphysema) 7. Use of accessory muscles for breathing 8. Prolonged expiration 9. Orthopnea 10. Cardiac dysrhythmias 11.[]

  • Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

    The heart sounds were within normal limits with decreased breath sounds bilaterally and lower limb edema.[] Since the birth of my now 4 year old daughter, I have noticed she has a barrel chest and...[]

  • Silicosis

    Physical examination revealed decreased breath sounds.[]

  • Pulmonary Emphysema

    decreased breath sounds, and distant heart sounds (often heard through a stethoscope) Irregular movement of breathing muscles (e.g., inspiratory excursion) Prolonged periods[] Signs of emphysema include: tachypnoea absence of cyanosis pursed-lip breathing, tripod position chest hyperinflation "barrel chest" reduced breath sounds hyper-resonant to[] The emphysema is very thin, malnourished, with increased rib cage, called a barrel chest.[]

  • Airway Obstruction

    Doctors look for signs that include: alterations in your normal breathing pattern, whether rapid or shallow breathing decreased breath sounds in your lungs high-pitched breath[] The increased total lung capacity (hyperinflation) can result in the clinical feature of a "barrel chest" - a chest with a large front-to-back diameter that occurs in some[] The chest examination revealed bilaterally decreasing breath sounds, with transmitted sounds from the upper airway, wheezing and whispery sounds.[]

  • Chronic Bronchitis

    As the disease progresses, patients often develop decreased breath sounds (likelihood ratio [LR] 10.2 for breath sound score less than or equal to 9), hyperresonance (LR 5.1[] […] respiratory acidosis increased PCO2 CXR decreased lung markings with flattened diaphragm hyperinflated lungs with bullae and/or blebs thin-appearing heart and mediastinum barrel-chest[] Hyper-expansion of the chest- In advanced disease the chest wall can become barrel shaped. Reduced chest expansion. Reduced breath sounds, wheeze and crackles.[]

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