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1,698 Possible Causes for Barrett Esophagus, Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down, Hiccup

  • Diaphragmatic Hernia

    Pagina 103 - L: Columnarlined lower esophagus: an acquired lesion with malignant predisposition. Report on 140 cases of Barrett's esophagus with 12 adenocarcinomas. ‎[] esophagus ) - اضطراب حركة المرئ Esophageal motility disorder ( Nutcracker esophagus, تعذر الارتخاء Achalasia, Diffuse esophageal spasm, جزر معدي مريئ Gastroesophageal reflux[] Boerhaave syndrome, متلازمة مالوري-ويسMallory-Weiss syndrome ) - UES متلازمة مالوري-ويس ( رتج زنكر Zenker's diverticulum ) - مصرة المرئ السفلى lower esophageal sphincter LES ( Barrett's[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm for gastroesophageal reflux disease complicated by Barrett's esophagus in[] Intractable hiccup can be an unbearable circumstance and its treatment is often frustrating.[] Bild : “Micrograph of Barrett’s esophagus” von Nephron.[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Esophagitis

    Barrett's esophagus. N Engl J Med 2009; 361:2548–2556. 12. Spechler SJ, Fitzgerald RC, Prasad GA, et al.[] […] acid reflux are: heartburn – a burning sensation in the middle of your chest an unpleasant sour taste in your mouth, caused by stomach acid You may also have: a cough or hiccups[] A significant percentage of people with GERD go on to develop Barrett's esophagus. Very few of patients with Barrett's esophagus develop cancer.[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Peptic Esophagitis

    […] of Barrett's esophagus; the consequences of malignant degeneration, i.e. adenocarcinoma.[] Although heartburn or regurgitations are specific to characterize GERD, patients usually report a number of associated symptoms such as cough, eructation, globus, hiccups,[] […] breastbone Heartburn or a burning pain in the chest Nausea after eating Less common symptoms are: Bringing food back up (regurgitation) Cough or wheezing Difficulty swallowing Hiccups[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Pericarditis

    It can be made worse when lying down, coughing, or swallowing and may be relieved by sitting forward. Low-grade fever. Increased heart rate.[] In cases where symptoms are present, they may include: chest pain light-headedness cough shortness of breath hiccups Possible causes of chronic effusive pericarditis include[] The pain can last for hours or days. It doesn't get better when you rest as it does with chest pain from angina. Lying down and deep breathing can make the pain worse.[]

    Missing: Barrett Esophagus
  • Esophageal Carcinoma

    KEYWORDS: Barrett's Esophagus; Esophageal Carcinoma; lncRNAs[] […] oesophageal cancer which may cause a patient to present to a doctor include: Dysphagia Weight loss Loss of appetite Odynophagia Hoarseness Melaena Retrosternal pain Intractable hiccups[] Also inquire about regurgitation, vomiting, chronic hiccups, odynophagia (painful swallowing), and dietary patterns.[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Esophageal Ulcer

    These Esophagus ulcers can lead to a condition called Barrett Esophagus.[] A 30-year-old man was admitted to our center due to an upper gastrointestinal bleed caused by a esophageal ulcer over a Barrett's esophagus located in lower third of the esophagus[] What is Barrett's esophagus? Barrett's esophagus is a condition that occurs in the muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Gastritis

    Two classes of microbiota can be identified in Barrett's esophagus; microbiota type I is associated with the normal esophagus and type II with an inflamed esophagus.[] The most common symptoms of gastritis include: Belching and hiccups Belly or abdominal bleeding Blood in your vomit or stool (a sign that your stomach lining may be bleeding[] The most common symptoms include: Nausea Abdominal bloating Vomiting Indigestion Hiccups Loss of appetite Vomiting blood or coffee ground-like material Black, tarry stool[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down
  • Esophageal Achalasia

    Two cases of a rare combination of conditions, achalasia and adenocarcinoma in Barrett's esophagus are reported.[] Other symptoms may include: Discomfort or pain in the chest, especially after meals Coughing, especially when lying down Heartburn Weight loss Vomiting In some people, vomiting[] […] swallowing liquids or solids feeling food is stuck in the chest regurgitation of undigested swallowed foods and liquids chest pain/heartburn sensation of a lump in the throat hiccups[]

  • Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

    […] laceration-hemorrhage syndrome K22.7 Barrett's esophagus K22.70 …… without dysplasia K22.71 Barrett's esophagus with dysplasia K22.710 Barrett's esophagus with low grade[] Mallory–Weiss syndrome refers to the development of mucosal tears at the gastroesophageal junction, commonly due to chronic vomiting, retching, and hiccuping.[] Chronic esophageal reflux can lead to metaplasia of the lower esophagus (Barrett’s esophagus).[]

    Missing: Chest Pain Worse when Lying Down

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