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1,180 Possible Causes for Bee Sting, Bell's Palsy, Cheilodynia

  • Insect Bite

    Here are some first aid tips for those annoying and often painful bee stings and wasp stings.[] By the age of 16, her face was paralysed by Bell’s palsy. Kirsty also started having seizures 18 months ago.[] Honey bees leave their sting behind, when they sting you, which means they die. Bumble bees can sting you without losing their stings.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    See also [ edit ] List of biting or stinging arthropods Spider bite Insect bite relief stick Schmidt sting pain index Bee sting Allergy References [ edit ] Allen, Arthur C[] Facial paralysis in the absence of vesicles may indicate zoster sine herpete, which can be mistaken for Bell's palsy.[] palsy.[]

  • Herpes Simplex Infection

    In recent years, progress has been made in the understanding of Bell's palsy, the most common form of acute facial weakness.[] We were not able to detect the presence of HSV-1, HSV-2, or VZV genomic DNA in ganglion scarpae or muscle biopsy results in control and Bell's palsy patients.[] The aetiology of Bell's palsy is still debated.[]

    Missing: Bee Sting
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Other possibilities of migraine, postherpetic neuralgia, Bell's palsy, and brain tumor were ruled out.[] Trigeminal neuralgia, Bell's palsy, and other cranial nerve disorders. In: Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine. 19th ed.[]

    Missing: Bee Sting
  • Urticaria

    And much like someone allergic to bee stings, without immediate medical treatment a person could die.[] […] and wasp stings.[] […] or wasp stings Widespread reaction following localised contact urticaria —eg rubber latex Severe allergic urticaria may lead to anaphylactic shock (bronchospasm, collapse[]

    Missing: Bell's Palsy
  • Primary Herpes Simplex Infection

    Herpes simplex may be complicated by erythema multiforme or Bell’s palsy, which is often more disabling than the infection itself.[] Complications include post-herpetic pain syndromes, Bell's palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, and postinfectious encephalomyelitis.[]

    Missing: Bee Sting
  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Bee stings can be associated with anaphylactic reaction and possible death. Magnetic therapy.[] Facial weakness: Bell's palsy can occur alone or with other indications of brainstem disorder.[] One Class II crossover study e26 of bee venom (20 stings from live bees 3 times weekly for 24 weeks) (N 26; RRMS, SPMS) found no significant effect on the number of new gadolinium-enhancing[]

    Missing: Cheilodynia
  • Brain Abscess

    Continued Causes of Edema Things like a twisted ankle, a bee sting, or a skin infection will cause edema. In some cases, like an infection, this may be helpful.[] On the other hand, a large allergic reaction (such as from a bee sting ) may cause edema on your entire arm that can bring pain and limit your arm's movement.[]

    Missing: Cheilodynia
  • Hemophilus Meningitis

    […] that you inform your nurse if your child: is sick or has a fever greater than 38.5 C (101.3 F) has allergies to any part of the vaccine is allergic to any foods, drugs, bee[] stings, etc. has a weakened immune system (immune compromised) has had an allergic reaction (such as anaphylaxis) or other severe or unusual reaction to this or other vaccines[]

    Missing: Cheilodynia
  • Otitis Media

    palsy and asthma exacerbation or reactive airway disease episodes.[] […] influenza vaccine and anaphylaxis; one study supported a causal relationship for oculo‐respiratory syndrome; and two studies supported rejection of a causal relationship for Bell's[]

    Missing: Bee Sting Cheilodynia