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2,662 Possible Causes for Bell's Palsy, Narrowing of Medullary Canal, Posture Abnormal

  • Poliomyelitis

    These basic principles include: (1) improve abnormal body mechanics, (2) correct and minimize postural and gait deviations mechanically, (3) relieve or support weakened muscles[] Treatment for type III pain (biomechanical pain) includes posture and back care education and decreased weight-bearing or stress through use of assistive devices such as braces[] Abnormal biomechanics can often be modified with fairly simple and practical interventions such as cervical pillows, lumbar rolls, gluteal pads, dorsal-lumbar corsets, and[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Quadriplegia

    Other causes of paralysis include Nerve diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Autoimmune diseases such as Guillain-Barre syndrome Bell's palsy, which affects muscles[] The MR images show the spondyloarthrotic changes and a narrow canal and the secondary myelopathy, with signal changes in medullary area [Images courtesy of the Neuroradiology[] Whereas the severely involved child, who cannot move at all , becomes deformed by remaining in a few abnormal postures, the less severely affected child tries to move and[]

  • Camurati-Engelmann Syndrome

    ’s palsy. 16 , 179 Those with a more indolent course may have progressive venous congestion associated with foraminal overgrowth, resulting in edema and subsequent arterial[] Certain bone regions (specifically, the endosteal and periosteal surfaces) become abnormally thickened and hardened, which in turn narrows the medullary canal.[] […] of the medullary canals.[]

    Missing: Posture Abnormal
  • Transient Ischemic Attack

    The purpose of evaluation is to: Check for another cause of your symptoms, such as a stroke, low blood sugar (if you have diabetes), or Bell's palsy.[] Other diagnoses to consider: Hypoglycemia (it CAN cause focal symptomatology), subdural hematoma, brain tumor, labyrinthitis/neuronitis, transient global amnesia, severe postural[] The purpose of evaluation is to: Check for another cause of your symptoms, such as a stroke, low blood sugar (if you have diabetes), or Bell's palsy .[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Cerebral Thrombosis

    In severely raised intracranial pressure, the level of consciousness is decreased, the blood pressure rises, the heart rate falls and the patient assumes an abnormal posture[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Cerebral Palsy

    What is Bell's palsy? Bell's palsy (sometimes referred to as Bell palsy) is paralysis of the facial nerve of unknown cause.[] […] secondary to abnormal muscle tone, spasticity being the most common abnormality of tone The majority of cerebral palsy is not related to birth asphyxia Cerebral palsy is[] abnormalities, and painful movement.[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Van Buchem Disease

    Acute, repeated attacks of facial palsy, similar to Bell’s palsy, are usually the first symptoms in both conditions.[] […] of the medullary canal.[] […] of the medullary canal (Fig. 4 ).[]

    Missing: Posture Abnormal
  • Diabetic Neuropathy

    palsy) Pain in the shin or foot Pain in the front of the thigh Chest or abdominal pain The condition is diagnosed based on symptoms presented, a physical exam and a medical[] When managing the symptoms of autonomic neuropathy, include standard interventions for the manifestations encountered (eg, abnormal sweating and postural hypotension).[] Postural Hypotension Assessment Measure systolic BP before and 2 minutes after adopting a standing position from a lying down position. A fall of 30mmHg is abnormal.[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Facial Spasm

    BELLS PALSY : is a weakness of the seventh cranial nerve named after a Dr. Bell. Patients with Bells palsy have a "droopy" face on the affected side.[] Cervical dystonia is characterized my abnormal, sustained posturing of the head and neck caused by involuntary contraction of the muscles.[] Tumors, trauma, or Bells palsy may cause the initial injury. After recovery, the facial nerve may not heal completely, and it sends abnormal signals to the muscles.[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal
  • Facial Nerve Paralysis of the Newborn

    Bell's Palsy.[] The patient usually presents with an abnormal head posture to avoid diplopia.[] […] intrauterine posture leading to compression of the nerve between jaw and shoulder. [5] Developmental causes include isolated cases of aplasia/hypoplasia of facial nerve or[]

    Missing: Narrowing of Medullary Canal