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66 Possible Causes for Bicytopenia, Joint Swelling

  • Gaucher Disease

    Joints swell, become shiny, red and inflamed, and actually feel warm to the touch.[] Manifestations may include enlarged spleen and liver, liver malfunction, skeletal disorders or bone lesions that may be painful, severe neurological complications, swelling[] In general, bone pain is described as a dull pain mainly localized to joints, legs and the back.[]

  • Pseudogout

    Minor adverse events (AE) did not differ in frequency between the groups, but the only serious AE occurred on MTX (bicytopenia).[] The buildup of this chemical forms crystals in the joints. This leads to attacks of joint swelling and pain in the knees, wrists, ankles, and other joints.[] Pseudogout is defined as a type of inflammation of joints or arthritis that is characterized by sudden and painful swelling in one or more joints.[]

  • Severe Aplastic Anemia

    During this phase there may be rashes and joint pains. Ciclosporin can also cause problems with unusual hair growth and gum swelling.[]

  • Bone Lymphoma

    We report a unique case of PBNHL with bicytopenia as the initial clinical manifestation in a Chinese.[] […] at presentation were arthralgia, spinal cord compression, and bone/joint swelling. 10 Histopathologically, the previous studies reported that the majority of patients with[] As a young man he began to have a similar swelling and soreness in his left wrist.[]

  • Sepsis

    DIAGNOSIS: The present patient met 5 of the HLH criteria: fever, splenomegaly, bicytopenia, hypertriglyceridemia and/or hypofibrinogenemia, and hyperferritinemia.[] Physical problems may include feeling very tired, muscle weakness, feeling short of breath, chest pains, fluid swelling (oedema), joint pains, poor appetite, disturbed vision[] , decreased range of motion, positive blood and/or bone culture results, and MRI changes Joint: Septic arthritis presenting with pain, warmth, swelling, decreased range of[]

  • Erythema Infectiosum

    Leukophagocytosis in human parvovirus B19-induced transient bicytopenia in a healthy child. Acta Paediatr. Jpn. 38 : 278 -281. Walsh, K. J., R. D. Armstrong, and A. M.[] In older children and adults, fifth disease can cause joint pain and swelling that can last for several weeks to months. Who gets fifth disease?[] In older teens and adults, fifth disease may be followed by joint swelling or pain in the hands, wrists, knees, and ankles, lasting from a few months to several years.[]

  • Paraneoplastic Syndrome

    More on polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) as a paraneoplastic rheumatic syndrome in the elderly (bicytopenia and PMR preceding acute myeloid leukemia).[] Although his joints showed no redness, swelling or tenderness, he had a limited range of motion of his hip and shoulder joints, suggesting a diagnosis of polymyalgia rheumatica[] In this study, we looked into the clinicohematological profile and etiological factorsof bicytopenia and pancytopenia.OBJECTIVES: To study the etiology and clinicohematological[]

  • Pediatric Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Bicytopenia (12.2%) was detected in 6 patients, with anemia and leucopenia as the most common combination in 4 out of the 6 patients.[] […] hip pain (osteonecrosis) Physical exam butterfly malar rash large joint swelling and synovitis hand and wrist manifestation are common (90%) swelling and synovitis of PIPs[] […] with tenderness, swelling or joint effusions; can occur in 80% of cases 1 pleuritis and/or pericarditis: present in 35% (range 17-50%) of cases 1 proteinuria: 0.5 grams/day[]

  • Leukoerythroblastic Anemia

    Pancytopenia was seen in 9.55% (17) cases and bicytopenia in 50.5% (90) patients.[] Symptoms of leukemia include fever, pallor, swelling of lymphoid tissues, fatigue, anemia, bleeding gums, excessive bruising, and joint pain.[] Out of 70 cases 32 were reported as pancytopenia, 17 were microcytic hypochromic anemia, 10 normocytic normochromic blood picture, 3 dimorphic anemia ,2 bicytopenia, 2 CML[]

  • Abdominal Radiation

    She presented with bicytopenia with trilineage dyspoiesis in the peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirate and biopsy.[] Less movement or flexibility in joints near the radiation area.[] -Rupture of the cyst or hemorrhage from the joint into the cyst causes severe pain -Swelling below the lesion.[]

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