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238 Possible Causes for Bifid Tongue

  • Epignathus

    The first case involved Pierre Robin sequence and a bifid tongue. The second case was characterized by two teratomas, a meningoencephalocele, and a cleft lip and nose.[] They may be associated with other malformations such as a cleft palate and bifid tongue or nose.[] The mass was accompanied by complete cleft palate, bifid uvula, and bifid tongue. Bilateral inguinal hernias were also found on physical examination.[]

  • Fibrochondrogenesis

    In addition, the fetus showed severe micrognathia and a bifid tongue.[] James, Kathy Culver, Bryan Hall and Mahin Golabi, Bifid tongue: A rare feature associated with infants of diabetic mother syndrome, American Journal of Medical Genetics Part[]

  • Saldino-Noonan Syndrome

    Our case had coarsening of facial features, low-set ears, lobulated tongue, cleft palate, and hypoplastic epiglottis.[] Short proximal parts of upper limbs, bilateral postaxial polydactyly of hands, and bifid big toe with zygodactyly were additional findings. Chest was narrow.[]

  • Gorlin Psaume Syndrome

    tongue, cleft or pseudocleft palate, tongue tumours, missing or malpositioned teeth, hypoplastic nasal alar cartilage, depressed nasal bridge, brachydactyly, clinodactyly[] tongue, (d) Syndactyly of digits in the left hand, Grandmother, (e) Bifid tongue, (f) Abnormal bony swelling in the right thumb and (g) Syndactyly of the great toe in the[] […] orodigitofacial dysostosis (Science: syndrome) An inherited syndrome, lethal in males, with varying combinations of defects of the oral cavity, face, and hands, including lobulated or bifid[]

  • Autosomal-Recessive Robinow Syndrome

    […] distal phalanx of toe ; Bifid tongue ; Brachydactyly ; Broad thumb ; Broad toe ; Clinodactyly ; Clitoral hypoplasia ; Cryptorchidism ; Delayed cranial suture closure ; Delayed[] […] big toe - Broad / bifid thumb - Chronic / relapsing otitis - Cleft / notched / bifid tongue - Clitoris / labia majora / labia minora / female external genitalia hypoplasia[] 1%-4% of people have these symptoms Anteverted nares Nasal tip, upturned Upturned nasal tip Upturned nose Upturned nostrils [ more ] 0000463 Bifid tongue Cleft tongue Forked[]

  • Tongue Disease

    Lingual thyroid Cleft tongue (bifid tongue) - completely cleft tongue is a rare condition caused by a failure of the lateral lingual swellings to merge.[] 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code POA Exempt Applicable To Aglossia Bifid tongue Congenital adhesion of tongue Congenital fissure of tongue Congenital malformation[] His tongue was also noted to be bifid. His mother said that he must have burnt his tongue on hot food or drink. Figure 1 A painless injured tongue.[]

  • Fissured Tongue

    […] whitish patches. fissured tongue Scrotal tongue. forked tongue Bifid tongue. furred tongue A coated tongue on which the surface epithelium appears as a coat of white fur.[] Convert to ICD-10-CM : 750.13 converts approximately to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM Q38.3 Other congenital malformations of tongue Applies To Bifid tongue Double tongue ICD-9-CM Volume[] It is associated with alcohol, smoking, toothpaste and mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide, and liquid aniacids. burning tongue Burning mouth syndrome. cleft tongue Bifid[]

  • Mohr Syndrome

    At this time, we observed a Japanese patient of Mohr syndrome with median cleft lip and tongue, hypertrophied frenula, absence of left medial incisor, and bilateral bifidity[] OFD II is characterized by distinct tongue nodules, rather than the bifid tongue more commonly seen in OFD I.[] Keywords: Bifid tongue, orofacial digital syndrome, polydactyly How to cite this article: Dave KV, Patel SC, Dudhia BB, Panja P. Orofacial digital syndrome.[]

  • Benign Migratory Glossitis

    On observation, the tongue showed a bifid appearance leading to have a significant tongue tie [Figure 4].[] On examination of tongue, group of smooth, reddish-pink, atrophic or depapillated patches on the dorsum or lateral borders of the tongue were noted.[]

  • Familial Median Cleft of the Upper and Lower Lips

    There was presence of ankyloglossia associated with a significant bifid tongue that resulted in slurred speech [Figure 3] and [Figure 4].[] […] scrotum in males, and hypoplastic labia majora and uterus in females) and orofaciodigital syndrome (orofacial features of cleft palate, bifid tongue, hypodontia, lip pits[] […] scrotum in males, hypoplastic labia majora and uterus in females), and oral-facial-digital syndrome (orofacial features of cleft palate, bifid tongue, hypodontia, lip pits[]

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