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11 Possible Causes for Bilateral Arm Weakness, Loss of Fine Motor Skills

  • Cervical Spondylosis

    Other signs and symptoms include: Weakness or diminished fine motor skills in all or any extremities Loss or compromised sensory abilities of lower extremities Pain in shoulder[] Complications associated with Cervical Spondylosis include: Loss of bladder/bowel function (urinary incontinence) Functional impairment (clumsiness, sense of fine motor skills[] The next sign is usually numbness in the hands and arms, as well as diminished fine motor skills.[]

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 2

    Patients with the latter two types may manifest with primarily neurologic symptoms of clumsiness, gait disturbance, worsening of coordination, and fine motor skills, or with[] Although disease progression toward complete loss of all cognitive skills and function is observed in most patients, some experience periods of disease stability punctuated[]

  • Myelopathy

    arm paresthesiae l'Hermitte's phenomena Weakness And, one or more of the following signs: Corticospinal distribution motor deficits Atrophy of hand intrinsic muscles Hyperreflexia[] Initial signs of cervical stenosis may be heaviness in the legs, pain in the arms and gradual loss of fine motor skills.[] Loss of proprioception or vibration sense in lower extremities (dorsal columns). Distal motor weakness in the extremities, loss of fine motor skills.[]

  • Cervical Osteoarthritis

    , either unilateral or bilateral. 3) Muscle weakness: Depending on which nerve root gets compressed, the concerned muscles that are supplied by that nerve root gets affected[] Complications associated with Cervical Spondylosis include: Loss of bladder/bowel function (urinary incontinence) Functional impairment (clumsiness, sense of fine motor skills[] […] affected by the pathology. a) Upper cervical spine- Headache b) Mid cervical spine- Neck pain c) Region from C4 to T2- Radiating pain; pain in shoulder girdle, shoulder and arm[]

  • Lumbar Spondylosis

    SUBJECTIVE Patient presents with severe lumbar and cervical pain, reporting bilateral heaviness, weakness and tingling sensations in his arms and legs.[] , and feet (fine motor skills) Facet Joint Stiffness: Progressive inflexibility that interferes with your ability to rotate your head and/or twist, bend, or extend your lumbar[] […] of nerve compression in the neck and down through the shoulders, arms, hands, and/or fingertips Paresthesia: Numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in your extremities Loss[]

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    […] neurogenic pain over the neck, trapezius, chest, shoulder and/or arm 92% of patients endorse trapezius pain upper extremity weakness, numbness and paresthesias distribution[] This may also lead to loss of dexterity and fine motor skills. Causes The cause of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is usually a compression of some sort.[] For the two bilateral procedures, the participants, as opposed to their arms, were randomized, although no explicit information was available regarding whether the outcomes[]

  • Arnold-Chiari Malformation Type I

    It can lead to a spastic paralysis or weakness of the arms and/or legs as well as numbness and tingling.[] Vomiting Insomnia Depression Problems with hand coordination and fine motor skills Treatments for Arnold Chiari Malformation Treatment depends on the severity of the malformation[] motor skills Dysphagia (problems swallowing) and/or vomiting.[]

  • Spinal Cord Tumor of Foramen Magnum

    Two patients presented with neck pain radiating to right arm in one and to left arm in the other, both associated with diffuse paresthesia and lower limbs weakness with 3[] This usually becomes manifest as loss of fine motor skills in the fingers.[] Vomiting Insomnia Depression Headache made worse by coughing, sneezing or straining Hand coordination and fine motor skill impairment Spinal curvature such as scoliosis or[]

  • Arsenic-Induced Polyneuropathy

    Five days after ceasing to take this medication, he experienced bilateral arm weakness and hand paresthesia.[] Depending on the severity of the neuropathy there can be significant quality of life issues including problems with activities of daily living, balance, and fine motor skills[] Physical examination Decreased monofilament sensation Impaired vibratory sensation Loss of proprioception Loss of deep tendon reflexes symmetrically, starting distally.[]

  • Friedreich Ataxia

    References: [1] [2] Clinical features Neurological Progressive ataxia (muscle weakness and impaired coordination) of all limbs Bilateral lower limbs equally affected Wide-based[] Fine motor skills deteriorate and dysmetria and intention tremor become evident.[] […] steppage gait with dysmetria and frequent falling Titubation while standing or sitting Torso and arms Action and intention tremors Choreiform movements Associated impaired[]

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