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1,048 Possible Causes for Bilateral Babinski's Reflex, EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation, Muscle Biopsy Abnormal

  • Primary Lateral Sclerosis

    Muscle histology Deltoid muscle biopsies showed no mitochondrial abnormalities or dysfunction (Table 4 ). Muscle biopsies were normal in seven patients.[] In all cases, the main clinical feature was a tetrapyramidal syndrome (Table 1 ) with hyperactive deep tendon reflexes and bilateral Babinski and Hoffman signs.[] Normal Normal Abnormal 18 Abnormal Normal Normal Abnormal 19 Abnormal Normal/increased Normal Normal 20 Abnormal Increased/normal Normal Normal Table 4 Electrophysiological[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Only about 10% of ALS patients have abnormal nerve conduction study results, but the test can also suggest other diagnoses. A muscle biopsy.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Hyponatremia

    An electromyogram showed nonspecific abnormalities while a muscle biopsy did not show any pathology.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Pallidopyramidal Syndrome

    EEG showed mild nonspecific abnormalities. Sural nerve biopsy showed mild demyelination.[] , bilateral Babinski reflex Good Blood tests, comprehensive of calcium and phosphate, were normal.[] Histochemistry of skeletal muscle obtained by open biopsy showed virtually absent COX activity, and biochemical analysis of a muscle homogenate confirmed an isolated reduction[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Motor Neuron Disease

    For patients with MND affecting the LMNs, the EMG will show evidence of: (1) acute denervation, which is ongoing as motor neurons degenerate, and (2) chronic denervation and[] The results of electromyography and muscle biopsy were compatible with ALS. However, supranuclear vertical gaze palsy and slow saccades are seen.[] reinnervation of the muscle, as the remaining motor neurons attempt to fill in for lost motor neurons.[]

    Missing: Bilateral Babinski's Reflex
  • MELAS Syndrome

    Electron microscopy of a muscle biopsy sample revealed mitochondria with abnormally arranged cristae and abnormal electron densities.[] Babinski reflexes.[] Histologically, there are ragged red fibres on muscle biopsy and accumulation of abnormal mitochondria in smooth muscle.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Spastic Paraplegia

    Muscle biopsy revealed a neurogenic pattern while the sural nerve was normal on histological examination.[] On neurological examination, he showed hyperreflexia, spasticity, and weakness in the lower extremities and bilateral Babinski reflexes.[] The deep tendon reflexes were increased in all four limbs, but Babinski sign was not elicited bilaterally. Neither ankle nor knee clonus was observed.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Encephalopathy

    Nerve and muscle biopsies may also be performed and may provide valuable information about the type and cause of the neuropathy.[] The patient refused further evaluation by muscle biopsy.[] Using these tests, doctors can often pinpoint the abnormal nerves and determine which part of their structure is damaged.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Kearns-Sayre Syndrome

    Intercostal muscle biopsy showed scattered abnormal fibers with a coarse reticular pattern … View Full Text AAN Members: Sign in with your AAN member credentials (e-mail or[] Muscle biopsy in two of the cases revealed mitochondrial myopathy.[] Biopsy findings [ edit ] It is not necessary to biopsy an ocular muscle to demonstrate histopathologic abnormalities.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation
  • Cerebral Cortical Atrophy

    The corpus callosum appears abnormally thin. Muscle biopsy shows evidence of denervation atrophy.[]

    Missing: EMG Shows Evidence of Reinnervation