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47 Possible Causes for Bilateral Entropion

  • Congenital Entropion

    entropion.[] When entropion occurs in both eyes, this is known as "bilateral entropion."[] Litwin AS, Kalantzis G, Drimtzias E, Hamada S, Chang B, Malhotra R [Congenital bilateral entropion: report of a case].[]

  • Entropion

    If the condition affects both eyes, this is called bilateral entropion.[] […] eyelid entropion group, with 7 of 16 (43.8%) patients exhibiting bilateral blepharoptosis.[] The authors describe herein a 2-month-old infant with NPS who underwent eyelid surgery for bilateral upper eyelid entropion and stromal keratitis.[]

  • Ectropion

    This patient has eye pain in both eyes due to bilateral entropion. After surgical repair, the eyelashes no longer scratch his eyes, and he is much more comfortable.[] Involutional entropion and ectropion of the lower eyelid: prevalence and associated risk factors in the elderly population.[] Rarely, entropion affects the upper eyelid; in this situation, grafting of tissue from donor sources is generally required.[]

  • Exposure Keratitis

    On examination, 6 patients had related eyelid abnormalities, including bilateral entropion (1), ptosis recurrence (4), and peaked upper eyelid (1).[]

  • Cutis Laxa

    entropion.[] entropion, colorectal diverticula and heart failure, suggested a systemic genetic disease, but the absence of family history made the diagnosis of CL difficult.[] Surgical correction of entropion through posterior tarsotomy was done.[]

  • Secondary Entropion

    When entropion occurs in both eyes, this is known as "bilateral entropion."[] When entropion occurs in both eyes, this is known as "bilateral entropion".[] In these cases, it is commonly bilateral (both sides affected).[]

  • Orbital Floor Fracture

    Patient 4, who had bilateral orbital floor repair, developed entropion in the right eye by 2 weeks that resolved by 3 months.[] Patient 1 has mild entropion on the nasal lid margin with trichiasis of a few lashes 2 years hence.[] Three out of the four eyes that had surgery done via transconjunctival approach developed entropion and trichiasis .[]

  • Hydrophthalmos

    When entropion occurs in both eyes, this is known as "bilateral entropion."[]

  • Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome

    The ophthalmologic exam revealed microphthalmia, iris atrophy, blue sclera, microcorneea, aphakia, downslanting palpebral fissures, bilateral upper eyelid entropion, pendular[] Ophthalmie examination on the second day of life revealed: hypotrichosis of the eyebrows and eyelashes, entropion and trichiasis of the upper lids, and bilateral microphthalmia[]

  • Ptosis

    […] such as lagophthalmos, exposure keratopathy, entropion, and eyelash ptosis. [38] Most oculoplastic surgeons, patients, and guardians would naturally prefer to operate only[] […] frontalis suspension with preservation of the normal levator muscle. [37] However, bilateral surgery would mean putting the normal eye at risk of postoperative complications[] […] to unseparated attachments such as the suspensory ligament in the superior conjunctival fornix, resulted in the elevation of the upper eyelid. [12] Callahan recommended bilateral[]

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