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100 Possible Causes for Bilateral Flank Pain, Muscle Weakness

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    All had generalized bone pain and tenderness, muscle weakness, stooping posture, difficulty walking, and waddling gait due to severe proximal muscle weakness for a period[] Out of 783 patients presenting with unilateral or bilateral flank pain to a single center over a period of 3 years, 316 did not have a definite urologic cause (group B).[] We report a four-year-old African boy referred for proximal muscle weakness, fatigability and episodic limb pain.[]

  • Rhabdomyolysis

    A 91-year-old male was admitted to the hospital for worsening muscle weakness, muscle pain, and unexplained soreness for the past 10 days.[] Examination revealed proximal symmetrical muscle weakness and arthralgia. The immunological study, electromyography and muscle biopsy confirmed polymyositis.[] A 71-year-old man was hospitalized because of muscle weakness of the lower limbs that persisted for 1 month.[]

  • Arsine Poisoning

    - Weakness, cramping Physical Physical signs and their severity depend on the concentration of arsine gas and the duration of the patient's exposure.[] […] of small muscles e.g. hands and feet Blood and urine Haemolytic anaemia (moderate) leukopenia (low white cell count) Proteinuria (protein in urine) Other Inflammation of[] […] cramps Nausea, vomiting, and/or abdominal pain Rapid breathing Red or dark urine Shortness of breath Weakness Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) Exposure to a large dose of[]

  • Serum Sickness

    Although rare, serum sickness-like reactions have been documented to occur following the administration of many antibiotics. Cefazolin, a first generation cephalosporin, is a commonly prescribed antibiotic which is considered to be generally safe and well tolerated. There have been no prior reports linking this drug[…][]

  • Guaifenesin

    Overdose symptoms may include slow breathing and heart rate, severe drowsiness, muscle weakness, cold and clammy skin, pinpoint pupils, and fainting.[] We describe the case of a 22-year-old male who developed severe bilateral flank pain, hematuria, and oliguria after an isolated recreational ingestion of guaifenesin and dextromethorphan[] The patient was found to have bilateral ureteral obstruction and acute renal failure, suspected to be secondary to precipitation of medication metabolites in the urine.[]

  • Polyps

    This can cause marked fatigue and muscle weakness.[] A 57-year-old woman presented with bilateral abdominal pain and flank discomfort.[]

  • Myoglobinuria

    The patient had proximal muscle weakness and tenderness, markedly raised muscle enzymes and deranged renal functions that normalised with thyroid replacement therapy.[] pain : ureterolithiasis, renal artery thrombosis, renal vein thrombosis, renal cell carcinoma unilateral flank mass : renal cell carcinoma bilateral flank masses : autosomal[] We evaluated a patient for progressive muscle weakness and tenderness, with myoglobinuria one week after initial presentation.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    The perioperative phase was characterised by hypotension and sputum stasis due to muscle weakness, which caused two readmissions to the intensive care unit.[] He had a 3-month history of left flank pain, nausea and vomiting with weight loss.[] Symptoms and Causes The most common symptoms are fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, and abdominal pain.[]

  • Proteinuria

    Extreme muscle weakness or twitching (may signify electrolyte imbalances that should be corrected).[] flank pain and 15 kg weight loss.[] Your muscles may become extremely weak. You may notice that your feet or ankles are swelling. You may feel "puffy". You may have nausea or vomiting.[]

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

    A child may also have seizures, muscle weakness, changes in vision, and intellectual disability. A child may also have increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma) at birth.[] The 22-year-old man was admitted due to bilateral flank pain, gross hematuria, and abdominal fullness.[] We report a case of giant bilateral AML and discuss the diagnosis and treatment of it.[]

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