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15 Possible Causes for Bilateral Foot Swelling, Body Mass Index Elevated

  • Malnutrition

    Elevated body mass index and mortality risk in the elderly. Obesity Reviews, 8 (1), 41–59. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 30. Fontaine, K. R., & Barofsky, I. (2001).[]

  • Obesity

    […] cardiac markers and/or ischemic ST-segment changes) to determine whether there was an association with body mass index (BMI [kg/m2]).[] Moritz Messner, Santhosh Kumar Ghadge, Thomas Schuetz, Herbert Seiringer, Gerhard Pölzl and Marc-Michael Zaruba, High Body Mass Index is Associated with Elevated Blood Levels[] Using data from the CRUSADE Initiative, we compared inhospital treatments and clinical outcomes of 80845 patients with high-risk non-ST-segment elevation (NSTE) ACS (positive[]

  • Heart Failure

    mass index [BMI], diabetes, and smoking), future incidence of CHD and CVD is rare, and long-term and all-cause mortality are much lower than for those who have unfavorable[] […] or elevated risk factor levels at young ages.[] 1973, with an average follow-up of 31 years) showed that in younger women (18 to 39 years of age) with favorable levels for all 5 major risk factors (BP, serum cholesterol, body[]

  • Lymphedema

    It was first reported in healthy, young adult military basic trainees with a normal body mass index during the first 72 hours of arrival to basic training.[] It occurs while standing at attention for many hours, and shows rapid resolution with elevation and rest.[]

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    ., The relation between body mass index, APC-resistance and risk of venous thrombosis, manuscript under review).[] In addition, obesity displayed synergistic effects with other causes of APC resistance, leading to highly elevated incidences of thrombosis (ie, when jointly present with[]

  • Liver Disease

    The goal of this Stanford Medicine 25 session is for you to be able to list these signs from head to foot.[] Abstract A 16-year-old Hispanic girl with an elevated body mass index in an otherwise normal state of health presented for her well-child examination.[] The risk factors most commonly linked to fatty liver disease are: overweight (body mass index of 25-30) obesity (body mass index above 30) diabetes elevated triglyceride levels[]

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Extremely high or low body mass index in LTx is also an independent risk factor for mortality. 28 Patients requiring preoperative ventilation are at higher risk of death at[] […] of listing, 9 and P CO 2 at the time of transplant. 9 Patients with IPF have a higher percentage of pulmonary hypertension than patients with other causes of ESLD, 4 and elevated[]

  • Secondary Lymphedema

    Lower extremity lymphedema and elevated body-mass index. N Engl J Med. 2012;366(22):2136–7. CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar 8.[] Interestingly, one significant risk factor, absent from the cohort studied, was an elevated body mass index (BMI), due to the overall slender patient population examined in[]

  • Hyperlipidemia

    RESULTS: Patients with LSS with severe SEL had a significantly higher body mass index and elevated serum levels of total cholesterol and triglyceride compared with those without[]

  • Lipedema

    Lower-extremity lymphedema and elevated body-mass index. N Engl J Med. 2012;366:2136–7.[] The original diagnostic criteria were developed in 1951 and include: Female gender Bilateral symmetrical swelling/adiposity, with minimal involvement of the feet Minimal pitting[] Likewise, despite an elevated body mass index, the incidence of diabetes is relatively low among women with lipedema (Table 1). 3 , 5 Another common misconception of patients[]

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