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1,560 Possible Causes for Bilateral Foot Swelling, Chronic Hypotension, Green Serum

  • Pregnancy

    (Green-top guideline No 25.) Mol BW, Lijmer JG, Ankum WM, van der Veen F, Bossuyt PM.[] Green and Andrew R.[] The accuracy of single serum progesterone measurement in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy: a meta-analysis. Hum Reprod 1998 ; 13 : 3220 -7.[]

  • Myxedema

    However, the serum ammonia and indocyanin green retention remained in the abnormal range, nevertheless the portal vein pressure was normal and findings of liver cirrohsis[] Patients may also demonstrate hypotension, bradycardia, hypoventilation, hyponatremia, and hypoglycemia.[] Surgical shunt closure was performed, resulting in normalized serum ammonia levels and serum branched chain amino acids /aromatic amino acids ratio, and improvement of the[]

  • Anemia

    On presentation, he reported symptoms of fatigue, shortness of breath, bilateral leg swelling, dizziness (characterized as light-headedness), and frequent heartburn.[] He said that the symptoms began 5 weeks earlier, after he was exposed to a relative with hand, foot, and mouth disease.[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

    Restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM) is a form of cardiomyopathy in which the walls of the heart are rigid (but not thickened). Thus the heart is restricted from stretching and filling with blood properly. It is the least common of the three original subtypes of cardiomyopathy: hypertrophic, dilated, and restrictive.It[…][]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Pulmonary Edema

    Green is pain-free, keeping his systolic BP greater than 100 mm Hg. Draw samples for stat serum chemistries, cardiac enzyme panel, and arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis.[] […] heart failure and may precipitate hypotension.[] Levosimendan is a calcium sensitiser that appears effective in patients with decompensated chronic heart failure already on beta-blockers.[]

  • Obesity

    Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and risk of multiple sclerosis. JAMA 2006;296:2832–2838. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 6.[] Bell NH, Epstein S, Greene A, Shary J, Oexmann MJ, Shaw S. Evidence for alteration of the vitamin D-endocrine system in obese subjects.[]

    Missing: Chronic Hypotension
  • Hypothyroidism

    ., Sundsfjord J. (2006) Serum TSH is positively associated with BMI.[] Fatigue Yes Yes Orthostatic Hypotension Frequent No Blood Sugar Levels Tendency toward hypoglycemia Normal to hyperglycemia Heart Palpitation Frequent No GI function Irritable[] ., Stagnaro-Green A. (2014) Diagnosis and management of subclinical hypothyroidism in pregnancy.[]

    Missing: Bilateral Foot Swelling
  • Heart Failure

    […] hypertension; 2) the patient with profound depression of cardiac output manifested by hypotension, renal insufficiency, and/or a shock syndrome, and 3) the patient with signs[] Chronic heart failure Dyspnoea, poor exercise tolerance, peripheral oedema, two-pillow sleeping, chronic lung disease.[] (increased nitric oxide synthesis)Hypertension (chronic use)Decreased diuretic responsiveness (damaged loop of Henle) Gossypol Increased effects of diuretics Gynura Hypotension[]

    Missing: Green Serum
  • Addison's Disease

    Measurements of serum free cortisol in critically ill patients. N Engl J Med . Apr 15 2004;350(16):1629-38. [Medline]. Kaplan NM. The adrenal glands.[] The patient also exhibited general fatigue, pigmentation, weight loss, hypotension and hyponatremia, suggestive of chronic adrenocortical insufficiency.[] Orthostatic hypotension, fever, and hypoglycemia characterize acute adrenal crisis, whereas chronic primary adrenal insufficiency presents with a more insidious history of[]

    Missing: Bilateral Foot Swelling
  • Mitral Valve Insufficiency

    Treatment and prognosis Treatment depends on the whether the mitral regurgitation is acute or chronic.[] If there is concurrent hypotension (i.e. cardiogenic shock), an aortic-balloon pump can be used to increase organ perfusion and decrease the degree of mitral regurgitation[]

    Missing: Green Serum