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278 Possible Causes for Bilateral Proptosis

  • Langerhans-Cell Histiocytosis

    Orbital psuedotumor represents the second most common inflammatory disorder of the orbit in childhood and may present with unilateral or bilateral proptosis of explosive onset[] […] antigen presenting function of the dendritic cells would remain unknown for more than a century. [13] Differential diagnosis Orbital cellulitis is the most common cause of proptosis[]

  • Graves Disease

    At presentation, he was noted to have bilateral proptosis.[] Orbital manifestations of IgG4-rd may include unilateral or bilateral proptosis, cicatricial extraocular muscle myopathy, orbital inflammation and pain which may mimic ophthalmic[]

  • Exophthalmos

    A 52-year-old Chinese woman with progressively worsening bilateral proptosis presented to our hospital.[] proptosis.[] Another tumour affecting the orbit and so resulting in proptosis is granulocytic sarcoma (chloroma) which may present with rapid onset of (occasionally bilateral) proptosis[]

  • Congenital Exophthalmos

    , cavernous sinus thrombosis, or leukemic infiltrates can also produce bilateral proptosis.[] CLASSIFICATION Proptosis can be divided into following clinical groups: Unilateral proptosis Bilateral proptosis Acute proptosis Intermittent proptosis Pulsating proptosis[] Etiology / Causes of Proptosis: Inflammatory/Infection: Graves’ ophthalmopathy, due to Graves’ disease (Thyroid Eye Disease), usually causes bilateral proptosis.[]

  • Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome

    Fundus retinal exam, optic nerves and slit lamp exams were normal bilaterally.[] , intraocular pressures of 21 mm Hg in each eye, normal color vision, and no proptosis by Hertel measurements.[] […] visual acuity of 20/60 OD and 20/20 left eye (OS), mild metamorphopsia by Amsler grid testing, equal pupils with no afferent pupillary defect, full extraocular movement bilaterally[]

  • Pilocytic Astrocytoma

    The baby developed irritability and fussiness with marked proptosis of the left globe following surgery. The radiotherapy was felt to yield relief to the symptoms.[] The patient who received radiation alone was a 10-month-old neurofibromatosis type 1 baby boy with an optic nerve pilocytic astrocytoma involving the bilateral optic nerves[]

  • Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis

    Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is extremely difficult to treat. Approximately 70% of patients are poorly controlled diabetics, and many of the remainder are immunocompromised as a consequence of cytotoxic drugs, burn injuries, or end-stage renal disease. Despite standard treatment consisting of surgical debridement[…][]

  • Staphylococcus Aureus Meningitis

    There was bilateral proptosis, ptosis, and chemosis of the eyes (right left), with absent doll's eye movements; both pupils were dilated and not reactiing to light.[]

  • Sensorineural Deafness with Dilated Cardiomyopathy

    Initial exam was remarkable for bilateral proptosis and exotropia that was reported to be of recent onset associated with increased intraocular pressures.[]

  • Sweet Syndrome

    A 76-year-old-man with history of Sweet syndrome presented with severe bilateral proptosis (Hertel value, 25 mm) with decreased visual acuity and evoked potentials lengthened[] A bilateral transpalpebral orbital decompression was performed by resection of intraorbital fat without bone removal. The surgery was uneventful.[] Proptosis reduction was 6 mm. Postoperative Hertel values were 19 mm, and evoked potentials were improved. The proptosis was managed successfully.[]

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