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41 Possible Causes for Bilateral Pulmonary Infiltrate, Decreased Oxygen Saturation, Hoarseness

  • Pneumonia

    Adenovirus infections are only rare causes of significant disease in AIDS patients When symptomatic, upper respiratory tract infection causes fever, sore throat, cough, hoarseness[] He was eventually diagnosed with sarcoidosis based on bilateral lung infiltrates and granulomas in a transbronchial biopsy.[] The presence of normal oxygenation (oxygen saturation 96%) decreased the likelihood of pneumonia (LR, 0.47 [95% CI, 0.32-0.67]).[]

  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

    The risks of bronchoscopy are generally minor — most often a temporary sore throat and hoarseness from the passage of the bronchoscope — but the tissue samples are sometimes[] AE was defined as RD with newly acquired bilateral pulmonary infiltrates without evidence of pulmonary infection or other known causes.[] […] in oxygen saturations to below 89% or the need for oxygen at rest.[]

  • Smoke Inhalation Injury

    No statistically significant correlation was found between intubation and any of the classic symptoms of smoke inhalation: stridor, hoarseness, drooling, and dysphagia (all[] pulmonary infiltrates on chest x-ray).[] Dyspnoea, decreased level of consciousness, or confusion Hypoxaemia (low pulse oximetry saturation or arterial oxygen tension) or increased carbon monoxide levels ( 2%) Pathophysiologic[]

  • Amyloidosis

    Physical examination showed anasarca, blood pressure 114/81 mmHg, heart rate (HR) 67 bpm and 90% oxygen saturation in room air.[] Axial CT image (pulmonary window) shows bilateral ground-glass infiltrates and pleural effusions. Biopsy showed interstitial thickening due to amyloid infiltration.[] […] problems Swelling in the arms and legs Swollen tongue Weak hand grip Weight loss or weight gain Other symptoms that may occur with this disease: Decreased urine output Diarrhea Hoarseness[]

  • Legionnaires' Disease

    […] pneumonia, pulmonary infiltrates, and the presence of at least two of the following: Diastolic blood pressure lower than 60 mm Hg Respiratory rate greater than 30/min Blood[] He became critically unwell during the hospital admission, with headache, uncontrolled fever, breathlessness, decreasing oxygen saturations and increasing oxygen requirements[] […] greater than 90 mm/h) Elevated ferritin levels (greater than 2X normal) Elevated C-reactive protein levels (greater than 30 mg/L) Severe Disease Expect respiratory failure, bilateral[]

  • Inhalation Burn

    Clinical features of airway burns include soot in the airway, stridor, hoarseness, singed nose hair, and mucosal ulceration Historically, survivors of explosions and fires[] pulmonary infiltrates on chest x-ray).[] Signs of an inhalation burn injury include: Facial Burns Singed Nasal Hairs Redness, Swelling, or Mouth-Blisters Cyanosis of the Skin Hoarse Throat Impaired State of Mental[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    Her physical examination was concerning for impending respiratory failure as she presented with inspiratory stridor and hoarseness.[] , pulmonary infiltration, skin and ocular lesions.[] Hoarse voice. Pain in the hands, feet, or other bony areas due to the formation of cysts (an abnormal sac-like growth) in bones. Kidney stone formation. Enlarged liver.[]

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    Decreased mixed venous oxygen saturation can be employed as a marker for septic shock.[] Increasing age, the need for intraoperative blood component transfusion and bilateral pulmonary infiltrates are independent risk factors for fatal outcome after aspiration[] […] yet not all victims will show signs of every symptom: Confusion and disorientation Fever Wheezing and/or noisy breathing Shortness of breath Difficulties with swallowing Hoarse[]

  • Respiratory Bronchiolitis Interstitial Lung Disease

    […] voice嗄(さ)声 hoarseness嗄(さ)声 honeycomb lung蜂巣肺 Hoover's sign フーバー徴候 hospital acquired (nosocomial) infection院内感染 humidification加湿 humidifier加湿器 husky voice嗄(さ)声 hydrostatic[] Nodular parenchymal infiltrates (yellow arrows), no lymphadenopathy. Also note large pulmonary artery (red arrow). Image of a CT scan of sarcoidosis.[] (FEV1) 努力性呼気一秒量 forced vital capacity (FVC) 努力肺活量 g gas (gaseous) exchangeガス交換 h hair line毛髪線〈胸部 X線上の葉間線〉 hemoptysis喀血 hemorrhagic出血性 hemosputum血痰 hemothorax血胸 hilar肺門の hoarse[]

  • Systemic Amyloidosis

    […] was admitted to our hospital because of dyspnoea specially on recumbency, pedal oedema, severe weakness confining her to bed and wheel-chair, weight loss, dysphagia and hoarseness[] The patient's history of pulmonary hypertension and low-voltage QRS complex on electrocardiogram were consistent with cardiac amyloid infiltration and resultant restrictive[] […] symptoms of primary systemic amyloidosis are generally non-specific and include: Fatigue Weight-loss Oedema Shortness of breath Lightheadedness Numbness, tingling sensation Hoarseness[]

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