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523 Possible Causes for Black Stools, Palpitations

  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

    Case 4 A 48 years old male presented with passage of black stool. Upper GI endoscopy showed 4-5 cm polypoidal ulcerated growth with in greater curvature of the stomach.[] A 95-year-old Japanese woman presented to our hospital with intermittent vomiting and several episodes of melena.[] We report a case of 69 years old men that was admitted with melena.[]

  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    Symptoms of anemia are common and include fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, and dyspnea upon even mild exertion. Other patients present with signs of bleeding.[] Symptoms Fatigue, dizziness and palpitations. Severe and unusual bone and joint pain. Recurrent and severe infections (oral, throat, skin, perianal infections commonly).[]

  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    Gastrointestinal hemorrhages, hematochezia and melena, are commonly reported. Hepatosplenomegaly may cause upper abdominal pain, portal hypertension and ascites.[] Symptoms of anaemia are common and include unexplained tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath and palpitations.[] Anemia may cause easy fatigability, weakness, dyspnea, and palpitations. Splenomegaly may result in early satiety and left upper quadrant discomfort.[]

  • Myelodysplasia

    In moderate anemia, almost all patients experience some fatigue, which may be accompanied by heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and pale skin.[] Anemia causes tiredness, increased need for sleep, weakness, lightheadedness, dizziness, irritability, palpitations, headaches, and pale skin color.[]

  • Acquired Hemophilia

    Furthermore, most patients experience epistaxis, gastrointestinal hemorrhages provoking melena and/or hematochezia, and hematuria due to lesions of the urinary tract.[] Other frequent manifestations of acquired hemophilia include melena, hematuria, and iatrogenic bleeding, particularly after attempts to insert intravenous (IV) lines.[] ., fatigue, headaches, palpitations, dyspnea, and cyanosis. Here, anemia is the result of occult hemorrhages.[]

  • Familial Myelofibrosis

    Familial myelofibrosis (FM) is a rare variant of primary myelofibrosis. It is a myeloproliferative disorder caused by germline mutations affecting the maturation, differentiation, and function of hematopoietic stem cells. As a consequence of excess release of certain growth factors, hematopoietic tissue is progressively[…][]

  • Schistosomiasis

    […] pain Abdominal swelling ( ascites ) Bloody diarrhea or blood in the stools Blood in the urine and painful urination Shortness of breath and coughing Weakness Chest pain and palpitations[]

  • Anemia

    […] color, including black and tarry stools (sticky and foul smelling), maroon-colored, or visibly bloody stools if the anemia is due to blood loss through the gastrointestinal[] Severe anemia may lead to shortness of breath, pale complexion, dry nails, palpitations etc.[] LESSONS: Although uncommon, if lung cancer patients present with anemia and melena, enteric metastasis should be part of the differential diagnosis.[]

  • Duodenal Ulcer

    Pain that gets better or worse with eating Nausea or vomiting Signs of blood in vomit Black stools that are sticky like tar, which means the ulcer is bleeding How are ulcers[] Discontinue the use of cinnamon if you experience heart problems, such as palpitations or arrhythmias; mouth sores; respiratory distress; or signs of problems with blood clotting[] Symptoms of a possible emergency include: A sharp, sudden, persistent stomach pain Bloody or black stools Vomiting fresh blood or a material which looks like coffee grounds[]

  • Atrial Fibrillation

    […] of bleeding, such as: very large bruises nausea and light-headedness vomiting blood coughing up blood unusually heavy menstrual flow gums that bleed regularly bloody or black[] Harvey observed ineffective palpitation of the atrium just before death. This was probably atrial fibrillation.[] We report a 47-year-old woman with no previous medical history presented with intermittent palpitation for 3 days.[]

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