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181 Possible Causes for Black Tongue, Severe Anemia

  • Imipramine

    Even worse, it can impair the bone marrow’s ability to make red and white blood cells, causing severe anemia and dangerously low numbers of white blood cells.[] , vomiting, dry mouth, loss of appetite, constipation, stomach upset, diarrhea, intestinal obstruction, mouth ulcer, abdominal cramps and black tongue. • Genitourinary : Breast[] tongue Hepatitis Allergic reactions Sensitivity to sunlight or UV rays Swelling of face or ankles Nasal congestion Hair loss Sexual difficulties Enlarged breasts, possibly[]

  • Charcoal

    We report the case of a 75-yr-old woman referred for gastrointestinal endoscopy to investigate severe iron deficiency anemia.[] When you take it by mouth , activated charcoal can cause: Black stools Black tongue Vomiting or diarrhea Constipation In more serious cases, it can cause gastrointestinal[] But after brushing, my mouth was like a scene from American Horror Story : my teeth, gums, and tongue were coated with black sludge.[]

  • Griseofulvin

    We describe a patient with hematuria, pyuria, eosinophiluria, decreased renal function, and severe anemia that developed while she was receiving chronic therapy with griseofulvin[] Rare Black, tarry stools chest pain cloudy urine large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs numbness, tingling[] […] the following side effects occur: Less common Confusion increased sensitivity of the skin to sunlight skin rash, hives , or itching soreness or irritation of the mouth or tongue[]

  • Vitamin Deficiency

    Twenty-five adult patients with severe sickle cell anemia (12 males and 13 females aged 29.72 /-12.94 years) and 25 matched controls were studied.[] tongue in dogs.[] B12 deficiency was suspected in an infant of a strict vegetarian mother who presented with neurological deterioration and severe megaloblastic anemia.[]

  • Steatorrhea

    Severe abdominal pain is the most common presentation, and diabetes mellitus and steatorrhoea often result from long-standing disease1.’[] It is generally known, however, that they may produce black tongue, vaginitis, pruritus and and proctitis.[] In severe cases it can lead to anemia, growth retardation in children, frequent infections on the intestine, poor nutrition, loss of weight and permanent loss of part of intestine[]

  • Methyldopa

    Several drugs cause anemia by triggering of suicidal erythrocyte death or eryptosis, which is characterized by cell shrinkage and cell membrane scrambling, the latter leading[] A case of black tongue associated with methyldopa administration is reported. The symptoms disappeared when the medication was discontinued.[] Digestive : Pancreatitis , colitis , vomiting, diarrhea , sialadenitis, sore or "black" tongue , nausea , constipation, distension, flatus , dryness of mouth .[]

  • Gemfibrozil

    […] rhabdomyolysis, reported with chronic administration of colchicine at therapeutic doses; use caution, especially in the elderly and patients with renal dysfunction Rarely, severe[] […] bloody or cloudy urine cough or hoarseness difficult, burning, or painful urination fever or chills frequent urge to urinate lower back or side pain Incidence not known Black[] See All 2 Answers 1 Answer A If you have severe anemia, or systolic blood pressure below 90 mm Hg, you should not take a nitrate.[]

  • Anasarca

    Two toddlers presented to their primary medical providers with anasarca and severe anemia.[] Page 19 Useful herbs: Adders tongue, agrimony, angelica, anise, arbor vitae, asarabacca, ash leaves, asparagus, balm leaves, balmony, bitter candy tuft, bitter root, black[] anemia .[]

  • Nortriptyline

    Nomifensine, which is not commercially available after international reports of severe hemolytic anemias were reported, would be in a class similar to bupropion.[] Common side effects of nortriptyline may include gastric disorders, mouth pain, unusual taste, black tongue, appetite or weight changes, urinating less than usual, itching[] […] part of the eye) black tongue decreased interest in sexual ability or desire difficulty having a bowel movement (stool) enlargement of the breast hair loss or thinning of[]

  • Pellagra

    Other micronutrient deficiency diseases reported from refugees in Africa have included scurvy, vitamin A deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, and beriberi (2).[] In 1937 it was shown that dogs with a disorder similar to pellagra known as black tongue could be cured by the administration of niacin.[] […] for demonstrating that pellagra is a nutrient deficiency disease belongs to Goldberger and his colleagues, who between 1913 and 1930 proved that the disease in humans and 'black-tongue[]

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