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649 Possible Causes for Black Vomit, Liver Failure

  • Yellow Fever

    At one time it was called “Black Vomit” because of the characteristic black putrid vomit it produces.[] After a brief recovery period, the infection can lead to shock, bleeding, and kidney and liver failure.[] Visible bleeding, jaundice, kidney and liver failure can occur during the second stage. What is the occurrence of yellow fever worldwide?[]

  • Filovirus

    Days later, blood started oozing from his eyes, ears, nose and other orifices, and he began vomiting black sludge, the residue of internal organs that were literally rotting[] As symptoms become progressively worse, the person may become delirious and develop liver failure, widespread hemorrhaging, and organ dysfunction.[]

  • Peptic Ulcer

    Call the doctor right away if your child has bloody (red or black) vomit or stools.[] However, few patients in both groups died from uncontrolled bleeding, rather the cause of death was usually related to liver failure or comorbidities.[] Blood may appear in the vomit. It may appear either red or black, or resemble coffee grounds.[]

  • Pyelonephritis

    In children, signs of sepsis include laboured breathing, listlessness, loss of appetite, floppiness, fretfulness, green or black vomit and irritability.[] However, this is itself a hazardous intervention in a septic, unstable patient with circulatory or liver failure.[] However, this is itself a hazardous intervention in a septic patient with unstable circulatory or liver failure.[]

  • Tonsillitis

    vomit (GOSH 2017) For most children, however, a tonsillectomy won't be necessary.[] […] tonsillitis and multiple organ failure including acute liver failure.[] […] help he has a fever of 38 degrees C or more that doesn't come down with paracetamol or ibuprofen he's refusing to drink the area starts to bleed he brings up brown, red, or black[]

  • Sucralfate

    Signs of rarer but more serious side effects of sucralfate are passing red or black stools, or vomiting material that is bright red or resembles coffee grounds.[] Common examples include: toxin ingestion, kidney failure , liver failure, certain forms of cancer, and megaesophagus .[] Be sure to contact the doctor immediately if you notice red or tar-black stools or vomit red or “coffee-ground-colored” material, as any of these symptoms could signal internal[]

  • Marburg Virus Disease

    Signs and symptoms include fever, headache, myalgias, chest and abdominal pain, jaundice, liver failure, massive hemorrhaging, and multiple organ failure.[] Later symptoms include inflammation of the pancreas, pronounced weight loss, confusion, shock, liver failure and unexplained bleeding.[] Symptoms become increasingly severe and can include jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas, severe weight loss, delirium, shock, liver failure, and multi-organ dysfunction[]

  • Gastric Varices

    The symptoms can include vomiting blood , melena (passing black, tarry stools); or passing maroon stools or frank blood in the stools .[] Eight patients died during the long-term follow-up: metastatic cancer (2), infections (3), liver failure (1), and re-bleeding (2).[] Signs and symptoms of bleeding esophageal varices include: Vomiting and seeing significant amounts of blood in your vomit Black, tarry or bloody stools Lightheadedness Loss[]

  • Esophageal Varices

    Signs of bleeding include: Vomiting blood Black, tarry or bloody stool Feeling lightheaded or passing out (usually when there is a lot of bleeding).[] After undergoing a variceal ligation, the serum total bilirubin increased from 4.0 mg/dL to 9.5 mg/dL, and the degree of liver failure worsened.[] Symptoms of esophageal varices may include: Painless vomiting of blood Black, tarry or bloody stools Decreased urine output Excessive thirst Light-headedness Paleness Anemia[]

  • Thalidomide

    ., fever, persistent sore throat ), easy bruising/bleeding, black/ bloody stools , vomit that contains blood or looks like coffee grounds.[] Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a leading cause of liver failure and an important safety issue in drug development.[] Several adverse effects have been described but liver toxicity was seldom reported. We describe a case of thalidomide-induced hepatitis in a man treated for MM.[]

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