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143 Possible Causes for Black Vomit, Malaria, Sudden Death

  • Yellow Fever

    At one time it was called “Black Vomit” because of the characteristic black putrid vomit it produces.[] Although not well-documented for this outbreak, malaria, viral hepatitis, and typhoid fever are common differential diagnoses among suspected yellow fever cases in this region[] This sudden exit was of common occurrence. The whole number of deaths in 1793 by yellow fever was more than four thousand."[]

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Acute gastrointestinal bleeding first will appear as vomiting of blood, bloody bowel movements, or black, tarry stools.[] Irritable Bowel Syndrome Knee Ligaments and Menisci Liver Disease and Cirrhosis Low Back Pain Low Back Pain, Disabling Low Back Pain, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Lumbar Puncture Malaria[] Your stools are black and look like tar. You have belly pain. You vomit or have nausea. You have trouble swallowing, or it hurts when you swallow.[]

  • Esophageal Leiomyoma

    Clinical case We present the case of a 58-year-old man, without toxic habits and a medical history of malaria, trigeminal neuralgia, total thyroidectomy, and parathyroid resection[] An exceedingly rare case of an esophageal leiomyoma causing sudden death by asphyxiation due to tracheal compression is presented.[] Complication Esophageal leiomyoma complications Complications esophageal hiatus hernia esophageal diverticulum sudden death The disease occurs at the same time often have[]

  • Rotavirus

    Children can also experience: vomiting black or tarry stools stools with blood or pus in them severe fatigue a high fever irritability dehydration abdominal pain Dehydration[] Most serious adverse events were hospitalizations due to infection (malaria, lower respiratory tract infection and gastroenteritis) or marasmus.[] Rotavirus can, rarely, cause severe complications such as encephalopathy/encephalitis, myocarditis, sudden death, urinary stone, and gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding; and the[]

  • Cholera

    The first patient was a 23-year-old black African woman with a 2-day history of watery diarrhea and vomiting associated with a temperature of 39.7 C.[] Malaria, cholera, typhoid and polio are all endemic in the region.’[] death ... cholera's nasty comeback Diarrhoea, vomiting, sudden death ... cholera's nasty comeback Aid workers warn of 'devastating' cholera outbreak in South Sudan Aid workers[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    Signs and symptoms of internal hemorrhaging include: abdominal pain blood in the stool black, tarry stool (melena) blood in the urine vomiting blood chest pain abdominal swelling[] Maitland K, Pamba A, English M, Peshu N, Marsh K, Newton C, Levin M (2005) Randomized trial of volume expansion with albumin or saline in children with severe malaria: preliminary[] Seite 385 - the sudden death of an infant under one year of age which remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation, including performance of a complete autopsy,[]

  • Arsine Poisoning

    Vomiting. Diarrhea – with severe gastrointestinal bleeding, black diarrhea may be evident. Hypersalivation – increased saliva production.[] Arsenic in malaria. BMJ 1944; 2 (4376): 671. Author Information[] Severe acute arsine exposure may result in sudden death. Lee JY, Eom M, Yang JW, Han BG, Choi SO, Kim JS.[]

  • Metoclopramide

    Metoclopramide, a benzamide prokinetic antiemetic, is widely used for a number of indications including nausea, vomiting, hiccups, and reflux.[] A 16 year old female Muslim from the Extreme North of Cameroon with no significant past history, was treated for severe malaria and associated refractory vomiting using intravenous[] Oral erythromycin and the risk of sudden death from cardiac causes . N Engl J Med 2004; 351 : 1089–96. 20. US Food and Drug Administration.[]

  • Typhus

    The individual spots eventually develop crusty black scabs.[] We report a case of dual infection of scrub typhus and malaria in a 48-year-old woman.[] ‘To measles we can add smallpox, tuberculosis, malaria, typhus, typhoid, influenza and syphilis.’[]

  • Desipramine

    . • Gastrointestinal : Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, peculiar taste, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, mouth ulcer, black tongue, jaundice, liver inflammation, constipation[] It may also be used to treat resistant malaria or reduce binge eating in patients with bulimia. Warnings The habit-forming potential is none.[] The cardiac long QT syndrome has been proposed as a mechanism for these sudden deaths.[]

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