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292 Possible Causes for Bladder Contracture

  • Bladder Scarring

    Bladder neck contracture will typically cause narrowing of the urinary tract resulting in slow urinary stream, difficulty emptying the bladder, and other urinary symptoms.[] Simple Treatment for Mild Cases Mild cases of bladder neck contracture are fairly simple to treat.[] Bladder Neck: Contracture of the Bladder Neck Menu What is contracture of the bladder neck?[]

  • Urinary Bladder Transitional Cell Carcinoma

    Abstract Monosomy for chromosome 9, as well as loss of heterozygosity for markers on this chromosome, has been detected in a high percentage of transitional cell carcinomas (TCC) of the bladder. We report a case of a TCC of the bladder with an interstitial del(9)(q11q21.2) that could be indicative of the presence[…][]

  • Interstitial Cystitis

    Substitution cytoplasty can be used in patients who have a significantly reduced bladder capacity resulting from scarring and contracture of the bladder wall.[] Christmas TJ, Smith GL, Rode J (1996) Detrusor myopathy: an accurate predictor of bladder hypocompliance and contracture in interstitial cystitis.[] Christmas TJ, Smith GL and Rode J: Detrusor myopathy: an accurate predictor of bladder hypocompliance and contracture in interstitial cystitis.[]

  • Bladder Contracture

    Intravesical BCG immunotherapy is commonly associated with irritative bladder symptoms. Bladder contracture as a result of this treatment is rare.[] Abstract The results of caecocystoplasty for tuberculous bladder contracture in 30 patients over a 15-year period are presented. The operative mortality was 3.3%.[] A case of high grade superficial bladder caner treated with intravesical BCG which has successfully cleared her bladder cancer nevertheless has lead to bladder contracture[]

  • Bladder Neck Obstruction

    […] of bladder neck Bladder neck contracture Bladder neck stricture Contracture of bladder neck Obstruction of bladder neck Stricture of bladder neck 596.0 Excludes Applies To[] All 32 patients including eight with definitely bladder neck contracture and 24 with primary bladder neck obstruction received transurethral bladder neck incision.[] Bladder neck contracture is usually a complication of prostatectomy and the treatment of choice in such a condition should be endoscopic surgery.[]

  • Cystitis

    Christmas TJ, Smith GL and Rode J: Detrusor myopathy: an accurate predictor of bladder hypocompliance and contracture in interstitial cystitis.[]

  • Suprapubic Prostatectomy

    […] complication, major blood loss, or bladder neck contracture.[] The urethrocystoscopy examination at 3 months postoperatively revealed bladder neck contractures in 6.41% of the patients in group 1 and 3.85% in group 2.[] "In this pilot study there was no late-term complication such as bladder neck contracture."[]

  • Urethral Stricture

    , and bladder neck contracture following primary and salvage treatment of prostate cancer.[] Treatments for bladder neck contractures Bladder neck contractures typically form after a prior treatment for enlarged prostate, particularly laser treatments and button transurethral[] Dilation or incision initially treats bladder neck contracture. Recurrent bladder neck contracture may require surgical reconstruction.[]

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence

    Concurrent use of anticholinergic therapy maintains acceptable intravesical pressures and also prevents bladder contracture.[] (vesical) neck contracture (narrowing of the outlet from the bladder due to scarring or excess muscle tissue), and urethral narrowing (strictures).[] Common causes of bladder outlet obstruction in men include benign prostatic hyperplasia ( BPH ), vesical neck contracture, and urethral strictures.[]

  • Gangrenous Cystitis

    If it is serious, lamina propria and muscle fibrosis can lead to bladder contracture and vesicoureteral reflux. 8.[] Marsch FP, Vince FP, Pollock DJ, Blandy JP (1971) Cyclophosphamide necrosis of the bladder causing calcification, contracture and reflux; treated by colocystoplasty.[] Bladder epithelial ulceration is also a manifestation. Telangiectasia in lamina propria can also cause bleeding as well.[]

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