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120 Possible Causes for Bladder Trabeculation

  • Bladder Neck Obstruction

    Asymptomatic non-prostatic hypertrophy, no matter how large the adenoma, is considered to be a pre-clinical phase of the disease as long as bladder trabeculation, impairment[] Clinically, the patients had chronic bladder symptoms of obstruction and irritation. The bladder showed trabeculation, diverticula and/or vesicoureteral reflux.[] On radiographic evaluation, the bladder wall appears thickened and trabeculated.[]

  • Congenital Urethral Stricture

    It causes restricted urine flow, proximal urethral dilation,bladder wall trabeculations & hypertrophy & later postvoid residue. 5 6 Clinical picture 1.[] Note also the bladder wall thickening and trabeculation. (b) Transverse US image through the bladder shows significant thickening of the bladder wall (arrows). 44.[] If severe, bladder hypertrophy and trabeculation may occur.[]

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    […] pressure while voiding detrusor muscle hypertrophy bladder trabeculation and psedodiverticula formation References: [1] [3] [7] Clinical features Lower urinary tract symptoms[] Caption: Suprapubic ultrasound Description: The bladder wall is thick-walled and shows trabeculations [as marked by arrowheads].[] Chronic bladder outlet obstruction can lead to detrusor hypertrophy, trabeculation and formation of bladder diverticula .[]

  • Female Urethral Stricture

    A cystogram showed evidence of extensive trabeculations in the bladder and an attempt at obtaining a micturating film failed, as the bladder neck did not open and the urethra[] , and sacculations in the bladder.[] This made urethrocystoscopy possible, which revealed fibrosis and fixed narrowing of the distal third of the urethra ( Figure 4 ), a normal proximal urethra, extensive trabeculation[]

  • Hinman Syndrome

    Before biofeedback, all had large PVRs, bladder trabeculation and sphincter dyssynergia. Nine had hydronephrosis and five had VUR. One patient had renal failure.[] In contrast to true neurogenic bladder, findings of elongated, trabeculated, high-volume bladders with substantial postvoid residuals, obstructive uropathy, and vesicoureteral[] The bladder is large and often appears trabeculated with a thickened wall and significant postvoid residual.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    Adenocarcinoma arising in urinary bladder or prostatic urethra is uncommon. When they occur, the tumor can be mistaken for metastatic lesions, especially from the colon. Here we report the fifth case of a primary urothelial-type adenocarcinoma arising in the prostate which showed enteric differentiation. The[…][]

  • Infarct of the Prostate Gland

    The bladder wall is markedly thickened, and bladder trabeculation is evident; these findings denote long-standing bladder outlet obstruction The nodules of BPH are variably[] trabeculation or diverticulation Elevation of the bladder base Increased PVR BPH presents either as diffuse prostatic enlargement or, in some cases, as discrete single or[] trabeculation, and the formation of small to large diverticula.[]

  • Ureteral Obstruction

    trabeculation, making ureteral orifice unidentifiable.[] Figure 1 Bladder ultrasound showing trabeculation and bladder wall thickening. Figure 2 Renal ultrasound images showing two bilateral ureterohydronephroses.[] […] criteria were dysmorphic appearing distal ureter, extravesical position of the ureteral orifice, persistent urethral obstruction (e.g. after previous valve ablation) and severe bladder[]

  • Patent Urachus

    Thick-walled bladder with extensive trabeculations, sacculations and diverticula as well as incompetent right vesico-ureteral orifice was also noted.[] The urinary bladder showed multiple trabeculations, sacculations and diverticula. The posterior urethra was also dilated giving a "keyhole" appearance.[] Figure 2: Micturating cystourethrogram (anteroposterior view) showing dilated posterior urethra and urinary bladder with trabeculations, sacculations and diverticular formation[]

  • Emphysematous Cystitis

    Intravenous urogram showing gas within the trabeculated bladder wall. Fig. 1. Intravenous urogram showing gas within the trabeculated bladder wall. Fig. 2.[] Computerized tomography showed a thickened, trabeculated bladder wall containing pockets of gas ( Figure 2 ).[] The bladder had multiple filling defects and a moth-eaten appearance circumferentially ( Figure 1 ).[]

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