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130 Possible Causes for Bladder Trabeculation, Prostatic Induration

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    Extension of induration to the seminal vesicles and lateral fixation of the gland suggest locally advanced prostate cancer.[] […] cancer but must be differentiated from granulomatous prostatitis, prostate calculi, and other prostate disorders.[] […] scanning Sometimes stony-hard induration or nodules are palpable during digital rectal examination (DRE), but the examination is often normal; induration and nodularity suggest[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    Palpation of nodules or induration on DRE could indicate malignancy or prostatitis with seminal vesicle induration and restricted mobility of the prostate being suggestive[] Transrectal ultrasound revealed a hypoechoic area in the left mid part of the prostate. Induration of the same prostate zone was detected by digital rectal examination.[] Extension of induration to the seminal vesicles and lateral fixation of the gland suggest locally advanced prostate cancer.[]

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    Chronic bladder outlet obstruction can lead to detrusor hypertrophy, trabeculation and formation of bladder diverticula.[] Note any nodules or indurations, which may suggest prostate cancer.[] Caption: Suprapubic ultrasound Description: The bladder wall is thick-walled and shows trabeculations [as marked by arrowheads].[]

  • Congenital Urethral Stricture

    It causes restricted urine flow, proximal urethral dilation,bladder wall trabeculations & hypertrophy & later postvoid residue. 5 6 Clinical picture 1.[] Distended bladder Hardness (induration) on the under surface of the penis Sometimes the exam reveals no abnormalities.[] If severe, bladder hypertrophy and trabeculation may occur.[]

  • Urethral Stricture

    Distended bladder Hardness (induration) on the under surface of penis However, sometimes the exam may reveal no abnormality.[] […] infections of urinary tract Investigations Physical examination may reveal the following: Redness or swelling of penis, scrotum, testis Urethral discharge Enlarged or tender prostate[]

  • Prostatic Calculus

    An urethrocystoscopy showing normal urethra and no evident urethral stenosis, two giant prostatic calculi and bladder with marked trabeculation, biopsy of prostate and bladder[]

  • Prostate Sarcoma

    OBJECTIVE: To present our institutional experience with adult prostate sarcoma over 30 years. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We reviewed 38 cases of adult prostate sarcoma diagnosed and treated at our institution between 1982 and 2012. Univariate Cox proportional hazards regression was used to determine if there was[…][]

    Missing: Bladder Trabeculation
  • Stage IV Prostate Carcinoma

    Summary: Stage 4 prostate cancer is an advanced stage of cancer in which cancer has affected areas outside the prostate gland & seminal vesicles. Introduction Prostate cancer is a form of cancer which affects men. Prostate cancer begins in the prostate; a gland found below the bladder which produces part of[…][]

    Missing: Bladder Trabeculation
  • Bladder Neck Obstruction

    Asymptomatic non-prostatic hypertrophy, no matter how large the adenoma, is considered to be a pre-clinical phase of the disease as long as bladder trabeculation, impairment[] Clinically, the patients had chronic bladder symptoms of obstruction and irritation. The bladder showed trabeculation, diverticula and/or vesicoureteral reflux.[] On radiographic evaluation, the bladder wall appears thickened and trabeculated.[]

    Missing: Prostatic Induration
  • Female Urethral Stricture

    A cystogram showed evidence of extensive trabeculations in the bladder and an attempt at obtaining a micturating film failed, as the bladder neck did not open and the urethra[] , and sacculations in the bladder.[] This made urethrocystoscopy possible, which revealed fibrosis and fixed narrowing of the distal third of the urethra ( Figure 4 ), a normal proximal urethra, extensive trabeculation[]

    Missing: Prostatic Induration

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