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45 Possible Causes for Bleeding Gums, Leptospirosis, Red Eye

  • Yellow Fever

    […] lymphocytes, with small numbers of CD8 cytotoxic lymphocytes, CD20 B lymphocytes, NKT cells and S100 dendritic cells in the sites of inflammation, as compared to normal and leptospirosis[] gums bleed, easy bruising).[] Symptoms may include: Fever, headache, muscle aches Nausea and vomiting, possibly vomiting blood Red eyes, face, tongue Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) Decreased urination[]

  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

    […] injury Whooping cough or other extreme sneezing or coughing [1] Severe hypertension LASIK Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (caused by Enterovirus 70 or Coxsackie A virus ) Leptospirosis[] If you have a hemorrhage in both eyes at the same time or the subconjunctival hemorrhage coincides with other bleeding, including easy bruising, bleeding gums or both.[] Redness, Garlic, Ginger, Ginkgo, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Irritated Eye, Red Eye, Red Eye Constipation, Red Eye Coughing, Red Eye Sneeze, Red Eye Vomit, Red Sclera[]

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome

    […] tests, if obtained: Blood or cerebrospinal fluid cultures blood culture may be positive for Staphylococcus aureus ) Negative serologies for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, leptospirosis[] A 23-year-old man presented with high-grade fever associated with headache, retro-orbital pain, gastroenteritis and gum bleeds.[] eyes, mouth and throat a red rash found on the hands and feet that peels. seizures TSS is treated, in a hospital, using antibiotics and providing support to the other functions[]

  • Brazilian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Hepatitis E 228 Hepatitis G 231 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 232 Influenza 237 Japanese Encephalitis 244 Lassa Fever 251 Legionellosis 253 Leishmaniasis 256 Leprosy 261 Leptospirosis[] Additional symptoms include conjunctivitis, diarrhea, epigastric pain, and bleeding gums. In both cases that occurred in 1990, symptoms lasted approximately 15 days.[] Transmission: Carried by rodents Contracted through contact with or inhalation of rodent excretion Human-to-human transmission through contact with bodily fluids Symptoms: Fever Eye[]

  • Argentinian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Various theories about its nature were proposed: it was Weil's disease, leptospirosis, caused by chemical pollution.[] As the disease progresses, the victim may develop a high fever, dehydration, hypotension, flushed skin, abnormally slow heartbeat, bleeding from the gums and internal tissues[] As the disease progresses, the person may develop a high fever, dehydration, hypotension, flushed skin, abnormally slow heartbeat, or bleeding from the gums and internal tissues[]

  • Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever

    Although not included on the list of diseases to be considered at the meeting, monkeypox and leptospirosis were discussed and experts stressed the risks they pose to public[] , passed as altered blood in the faeces), haematuria (blood in the urine), epistaxis (nosebleeds) and bleeding from the gums.[] Red eyes, a flushed face and red spots in the throat are also common.[]

  • Dengue Fever

    RESULTS: The frequency of dengue co-infection with leptospirosis was 4.1%.[] People with severe dengue feel very unwell and have extra symptoms such as: bruising to only minor bumps nose bleeds and bleeding gums stomach pain breathing difficulties[] Dengue fever virus patients found to have red eyes need to be carefully followed and treated, as these eyes might develop thinning of the sclera that could lead to rupture[]

  • Bacterial Infections

    […] bacillary angiomatosis and bartonellosis Mycobacterium species cause tuberculosis , leprosy and atypical mycobacterial infections including Buruli ulcer Leptospira, cause of leptospirosis[] The gums react to these toxins with inflammation and swelling, which is why your gums may bleed when you brush your teeth.[] How To Prevent Eye Infections If you are near a person with a red eye, avoid contact around your own eye until you wash your hands first.[]

  • Marburg Virus Disease

    She was treated with intravenous fluids and was started on doxycycline for possible leptospirosis.[] Fresh blood in vomitus and faeces is often accompanied by bleeding from the nose, gums, and vagina.[] Symptoms usually include Fever Headache Joint and muscle aches Weakness Diarrhea Vomiting Stomach pain Lack of appetite Other symptoms including rash, red eyes, and internal[]

  • Sweet Syndrome

    disease ワイル病 Adolf Weil(1848-1916) German internist Weil-Felix ワイル・フェリックス Weil-Felix reaction ワイル・フェリックス反応 Edmund Weil(1879-1922) Austrian (Bohemian) bacteriologist and Arthur[] Less common signs and symptoms - often associated with lesions spreading to other areas - include: Recurrent mouth ulcers and lesions; Bleeding gums and gum enlargement; Blurred[] eyes How will Sweet’s syndrome be diagnosed?[]

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