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21 Possible Causes for Blepharitis, Halitosis, Periorbital Edema

  • Acute Sinusitis

    […] eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough Other signs and symptoms can include: Ear pain Headache Aching in your upper jaw and teeth Bad breath (halitosis[] Other findings, especially in acute ethmoiditis, are periorbital cellulitis, edema, and proptosis.[] […] forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste Cough (may get worse at night) Other symptoms of acute sinusitis: Headache Ear pain Upper jaw and teeth ache Fatigue Fever Bad breath (halitosis[]

  • Sinusitis

    Often it is stated that rhinosinusitis may contribute to a halitosis complaint, and widely used diagnostic protocols for rhinosinusitis sometimes list halitosis as a minor[] edema Tenderness overlying sinuses Air-fluid levels on transillumination of the sinuses (60% reproducibility rate for assessing maxillary sinus disease) Facial erythema See[] […] in adults or cough in children Other signs and symptoms can include: Ear pain Aching in your upper jaw and teeth Cough that might worsen at night Sore throat Bad breath (halitosis[]

  • Chronic Sinusitis

    Halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, cough, ear pressure, fullness.[] edema, ophthalmoplegia, focal neurologic signs, high fever, severe headache, meningeal irritation, or significant or recurrent nose bleeding. [20] Orbital complications include[] Patients may present with symptoms of sinusitis such as nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, facial pain, headache, halitosis, anosmia, etc.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    This condition can result in discomfort, interfere with speech and swallowing, make wearing dentures difficult, cause halitosis, and impair oral hygiene by causing a decrease[] Patients may develop blepharitis and present with ptosis secondary to edema and inflammation.[] BLEPHARITIS AND CONJUNCTIVITIS The eyelids are commonly involved in herpes zoster ophthalmicus (Figure 1, part b).[]

  • Pericardial Effusion

    […] obesity, digestive disorders, ophthalmological disorders, behavioral disorders, reproductive disorders, dermatological disorders, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, gingivitis, halitosis[] Orbital allergic reaction includes, conjunctival injection, blepharitis, periorbital dermatitis, and oedema of the eyelid. 2 Pruritis and oedema are the most common clinical[] But what causes periorbital edema and how might it be treated? People can have periorbital edema in one or both eyes.[]

  • Ethmoid Sinusitis

    […] discharge Post nasal drip Pain and pressure around the inner corners of the eyes Headaches that usually affect the temples or the area around the eyes Fever A sore throat Halitosis[] Common Eye Problems Blepharitis : An inflammation or infection of the eyelid which typically is not painful Conjunctivitis (pinkeye): This is inflammation of the conjunctiva[] In the external approach, periorbital edema, injury to the extraocular muscles with diplopia, paresthesias in the distribution of the supraorbital, supratrochlear and infratrochlear[]

  • Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma

    She was already under regular follow-up for blepharitis. She had necrobiotic xanthogranuloma skin lesions proven by biopsy on her upper and lower limbs ( Figure 1 ).[] Clinically, the patient presented with dry eyes and substantial periorbital edema with multiple yellow indurated plaques.[] […] papilla palatina 【口蓋裂】*cleft palate *palatoschisis 【口腔乾燥症】*xerostomia 【口腔真菌症】*oral mycosis *stomatomycosis 【口腔病巣性粘液沈着症】*oral focal mucinosis 【口臭】*bad breath *foul breath *halitosis[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    Help the child/teen/family manage halitosis, which may significantly affect social inclusion.[] […] gland disease • Reduced number- congenital deficiency • Meibomian gland dysfunction – Hypersecretory- seborrhea – Hyposecretory- retinoid therapy – Obstructive » Simple- blepharitis[] ); Orbital edema; Periorbital edema ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code H05.229 Edema of unspecified orbit 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Chronic combined systolic ( congestive[]

  • Carotid Cavernous Sinus Fistula

    […] papilla palatina 【口蓋裂】*cleft palate *palatoschisis 【口腔乾燥症】*xerostomia 【口腔真菌症】*oral mycosis *stomatomycosis 【口腔病巣性粘液沈着症】*oral focal mucinosis 【口臭】*bad breath *foul breath *halitosis[] “These patients are often misdiagnosed as having thyroid eye disease or conjunctivitis or blepharitis,” Dr. Miller noted.[] The immediate onset of periorbital edema, ecchymosis and proptosis was noted. There was no evidence of an abrasion or á penetrating injury.[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    […] necrotizing gingivitis (Vincent’s angina or trench mouth), presents with sudden onset of severe pain and necrosis of the gingiva, typically with a grayish pseudomembrane, halitosis[] […] bleeding【出血】(hemorrhage) pontine bleeding【橋出血】(pontine hemorrhage) subdural bleeding【硬膜下出血】(subdural hemorrhage) *blepharadenitis【眼瞼腺炎】(blepharoadenitis) *blepharedema【眼瞼浮腫】 *blepharism[] Some of these children experience headaches usually located behind or around the eye, occasionally with periorbital edema.[]

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