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171 Possible Causes for Blepharoptosis, Cerebrospinal Fluid Abnormality

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

    We report a 49-year-old woman with a history of progressive gait disturbance, white matter disease, and cerebrospinal fluid immunoglobulin abnormalities who met criteria for[] We present three patients with a clinical course and cerebrospinal fluid findings consistent with a diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS).[] A history of exacerbation and remission of symptoms and the presence of greater than normal amounts of protein in cerebrospinal fluid are characteristic.[]

  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

    […] for SAH; CT negative for SAH and inconclusive cerebrospinal fluid examination.[] fluid or xanthochromia in any tube of cerebrospinal fluid collected considered abnormal.[] Hydrocephalus General information: Acute hydrocephalus, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, occurs in 15 percent of patients with SAH.[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    RESULTS: A 41-year-old man presented with aggressive speech difficulty, dysphagia, right blepharoptosis, and quadriplegia following coma.[] […] in the cerebrospinal fluid.[] Brachial Variant (PCB) It characteristically involves cervical, brachial and oropharyngeal muscles, hyporeflexia or areflexia in upper limbs and sometimes facial palsy, blepharoptosis[]

  • Lyme Neuroborreliosis

    Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) studies disclosed mononuclear pleocytosis with elevated protein levels.[] The most common form of CNS involvement was a subtle, chronic encephalopathy characterized by memory impairment, often accompanied by cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities [ 17[] Although patients who have early central neurologic involvement usually show evidence of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) abnormalities, as many as 20%–40% of patients with this[]

  • Syringomyelia

    To the Editor: Syringomyelia is a condition with various causes in which fluid accumulates in an abnormal cavity within the spinal cord.[] Syringomyelia is the result of an abnormal circulation in the CSFM (cerebrospinal fluid). An important gene often associated with this disorder is ACY1 (aminoacylase 1).[] The aetiopathogenesis of syrinx formation is not fully elucidated but is suggested to be due to an interaction between abnormal cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) hydrodynamics and[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    A subdural hematoma (SDH) is a type of hematoma—usually associated with traumatic brain injury—in which blood gathers between the inner layer of the dura mater and the arachnoid mater. It usually results from tears in bridging veins that cross the subdural space. Subdural hematomas may cause an increase in[…][]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    Cerebrospinal fluid was tested extensively for infection and malignancy with no abnormal findings. She received five days of intravenous methylprednisolone.[] […] in the brain Lumbar puncture or spinal tap to determine if there are abnormalities in the cerebrospinal fluid, one of the signs of MS Evoked potentials test, which records[] […] urine tests to help rule out other possible disorders Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to measure electrical activity in the heart Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to look for abnormalities[]

  • Kearns-Sayre Syndrome

    A 16-year-old patient suffering from Kearns-Sayre syndrome presented with severe blepharoptosis. A levator advancement procedure was performed.[] […] high protein content in the cerebrospinal fluid (more than 100mg/dL), and markedly reduced activity of enzymes involved in the respiratory chain complex, such as citrate[] All preoperative and postoperative values were considered to be statistically significant ( P Conclusion: The surgical technique described to correct the blepharoptosis found[]

  • Tabes Dorsalis

    Normalization of serum rapid plasma reagin titer predicts normalization of cerebrospinal fluid and clinical abnormalities after treatment of neurosyphilis.[] fluid) examination - abnormal results indicating chronic meningitis - a positive neurosyphilis test (CSF VDRL test) Prognosis - Syphilitic myelopathy (tabes dorsalis) Progressive[] Normalization of cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities after neurosyphilis therapy: does HIV status matter?. Clin Infect Dis. 2004 Apr 1. 38(7):1001-6. [Medline].[]

  • Rabies

    During this time the patient may have increased periods of hyperactivity, stiffness in the back of the neck, and an abnormal increase in the number of cells in the cerebrospinal[] On the second hospital day, the presence of rabies virus–specific antibody in her cerebrospinal fluid and serum was confirmed by the CDC.[] fluid ending with the onset of coma or respiratory failure.[]

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