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142 Possible Causes for Blind Vagina

  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome

    To evaluate the safety and feasibility of enhancement balloon vaginoplasty (EBV) in cases with blind vagina due to androgen insensitivity syndrome.[] The affected males have abdominal and inguinal testes, female external genitalia and breasts, blind vaginas, and absent uteri.[] vagina due to androgen insensitivity syndrome.[]

  • Neurenteric Cyst

    vagina transdiaphragmatic duodenal duplication ( 15108090 ) References Abdominal neurenteric cyst.[] Associations Klippel-Feil syndrome ( 1764851 ) hydrocephalus aqueductal stenosis vertebral segmentation anomalies fused costae anal atresia renal dysplasia bicornuate uterus double blind[]

  • Hematocolpos

    Also the procedure to make a channel in the blind vagina was tried previously in our case, but failed, leading again to hematocolpos, hematometra and endometriotic cyst in[] Findings were suggestive of absence of cervix and presence of blind and ballooned out vaginal pouch. Figure 2. Surgical findings.[] Our patient developed hematometra and hematocolpos secondary to fibrosis and closure of the original surgical opening created between uterus and blind vaginal pouch .[]

  • Isolated Partial Vaginal Agenesis

    Originals 62 Downloads 16 Citations Summary All cases of unilateral renal agenesis are associated with an ipsilateral blind vagina except when there is agenesis of a urogenital[] Herlyn-Werner sndrome and some Gärtner's duct cysts or Wolffian remnants also represent a blind vagina and lend support to the idea that the caudal segments of the Wolffian[] Key words Unilateral renal agenesis Unilateral imperforated or blind vagina Wolffian ducts remnants Genital tract malformations Urinary anomalies Vaginal anomalies Embryology[]

  • Turner Syndrome

    A blind-ending vagina was revealed and the patient was diagnosed with MRKH.[]

  • Vaginal Adhesions

    However, it was hard to insert the speculum fully into her vagina because of her blind vagina canal. Also, her cervix could not be visualized by speculum examination.[]

  • Feminization

    Testicular feminization is a rare genetic disease characterized by an XY karyotype, bilateral functional testes, female external genitalia, blind vagina, and absence of müllerian[] Internally, there is a short blind-pouch vagina and no uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. There are testes in the abdomen or the inguinal canal.[] Although the external genitalia appeared female, the vagina was short and blind-ending, and no uterus or ovaries were identified on transvaginal ultrasound.[]

  • Vesicovaginal Fistula

    This case allows us to hypothesise that the blind vagina encountered reflects an anomaly of correct urogenital sinus development.[]

  • Congenital Genital Malformation

    If there is an ectopic sprout of the ureteral bud, there could then be renal hypoplasia and ectopic ureter opening into the blind vagina.[] There will be renal agenesis and ipsilateral blind vagina, and usually, uterine anomaly due to the absence of the “inductor” function of the injured mesonephric duct on the[] B) With Gartner's pseudocysts in the anterolateral wall of the permeable vagina.[]

  • Sertoli Leydig Cell Tumor

    The patient had a history of primary amenorrhea and, together with the magnetic resonance imaging findings of absent uterus, short and blind end vagina, a diagnosis of androgen[]

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