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758 Possible Causes for Blood in Stool, Pelvic Pain

  • Appendicitis

    […] in the urine, stool, or in your vomit Faintness or dizziness Diarrhea and fever Can It Be Prevented?[] In this multicenter retrospective study, the cases of pregnant women who underwent MRI evaluation of abdominal or pelvic pain and who had clinical suspicion of acute appendicitis[] KEYWORDS: Abdominal and pelvic pain; Massive ovarian edema; Ovarian torsion[]

  • Diverticulitis

    […] in stool).[] Schwerk (1992) Dis Colon Rectum 35(11): 1077-84 [PubMed] Consider in women for evaluating additional Pelvic Pain causes (including pregnancy-related) Avoid Colonoscopy in[] Tests may include: Blood tests Stool sample analysis X-rays CT scan Ultrasound Other tests may be done to examine the colon.[]

  • Cervical Cancer

    […] in the stool or urine Many of these symptoms are non-specific, and could represent a variety of different conditions; however, your doctor needs to see you if you have any[] Later, you may have pelvic pain or bleeding from the vagina. It usually takes several years for normal cells in the cervix to turn into cancer cells.[] Pelvic pain : Pain during intercourse or at other times may be a sign of abnormal changes to the cervix, or less serious conditions.[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Common symptoms of diverticular disease can include: Generalized infection of the abdominal cavity Small amounts of blood in stools Collection of pus in the pelvis Pain in[] Diverticulitis can be confused with other causes of abdominal pain such as appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or irritable bowel syndrome.[] If you have a large amount of blood in your stool, see a doctor right away.[]

  • Cecal Adenocarcinoma

    Case report: An 18-year-old female Egyptian patient was admitted with hematochezia and remarkable anemia.[] Pelvic pain may be due to an upper lumbar or lower thoracic radiculopathy.[] […] in stools, /-abdominal mass, /-rectal mass, /-signs of bowel obstruction (nausea, vomiting), /-narrow caliber stools Symptoms /-constipation Prevalence common Blood work[]

  • Rectal Disease

    Fecal occult blood test This test can detect the presence of microscopic (occult) blood cells in the stool.[] Often, it will be first noticed as blood seen in bowel movements, and occasionally as a sort of dark black stool called melena.[] Many of these relate to bowel habit changes and include: Constipation, diarrhea, or bowel incontinence Blood in stool or bowel movements, or stools are narrower than usual[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    He was clinically well and blood and stool cultures were negative, indicating that this may have been a sexually acquired urinary tract infection. The Author(s) 2016.[] pain in women Low-grade fever Fatigue Upper Urinary Tract (Pyelonephritis) A bladder infection that has migrated to the kidneys is usually considered serious and in need[] Stool bacteriology revealed a mixed infection involving an enteropathogenic Escherichia coli and two distinct strains of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli (EAEC).[]

  • Schistosomiasis

    Many symptoms of schistosomiasis infection frequently include fever , blood in stools or urine , and abdominal discomfort.[] In these cases, the patient may complain of pelvic pain, hematuria, dysuria, urinary frequency, etc.[] pelvic pain or genital lumps/bumps Years later, long standing disease can lead to damage of the bladder, kidneys, bowel, liver and genital tract.[]

  • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

    In some cases you may notice that the stool is a dark red color. This means that there is actually blood in the stool.[] Clothing, too, has been associated with reduction in hemorrhoidal symptoms; wearing loose-fitting clothes and under-garments can contribute to easing symptoms such as pain[] You may also see blood covering the stool normally on its surface.[]

  • Intermenstrual Pain

    Learning/CME Learning/CME View all learning/CME CME Partial Oral versus Intravenous Antibiotic Treatment of Endocarditis Case 4-2019: An 18-Year-Old Man with Abdominal Pain and Hematochezia[] Pelvic pain in women There are different types and degrees of pelvic pain in women :-the acute pelvic pain -the cyclical pelvic pain -the chronic pelvic pain ( 6months) EXTREMELY[] Is there bloody urine or blood in the stools ? Other important information Are you pregnant? Have you had a miscarriage or abortion? Have you had a D and C?[]

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