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3,422 Possible Causes for Blood Urea Nitrogen Decreased, Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis, Hypoglycemia

  • Toxic Hepatitis

    diffusely decreased parenchymal attenuation on noncontrast CT diffuse edematous change hepatic steatosis may be a cause (steatohepatitis) or a result of acute hepatitis possible[] Findings include: hepatomegaly 15.5 cm at the midclavicular line 4 possible decreased attenuation around the portal system and at the hepatic hilum (periportal edema) possible[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    Alcoholism & Hypoglycemia Alcoholism is the enhanced consumption of ethanol ( 120ml/day) and hypoglycemia is a condition where there is decreased blood glucose levels ( [[] , positional asphyxia or suffocation by inhalation of vomit, exposure to cold coupled with alcohol-induced hypothermia, as well as various metabolic disturbances such as hypoglycemia[] Alcohol can also cause hypoglycemia in alcoholics.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Continued fluid and electrolyte imbalances and inefficient metabolism of nutrients produce ascites, hypoglycemia, and hypoproteinemia.[] Screen for hypoxia, hypoglycemia, anemia, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis, and other potential metabolic or endocrine factors; correct as indicated.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Liver Failure

    The patient has the same mutation (c.547C T; p.Arg183Trp) as the first case and presented with neonatal lactic acidosis, hypoglycemia and severe episodes of liver failure.[] A case of a 4-month-old infant with hypertransaminasemia, severe coagulopathy, non ketotic hypoglycemia, moderated metabolic acidosis and neurologic symptoms such as seizures[] Endo – hypoglycemia is very common and severe, due to poor nutrition and impaired hepatic gluconeogenesis. (Chanu Rhee MD, 10/25/10)[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Viral Hepatitis

    Viral hepatitis is liver inflammation due to a viral infection. It may present in acute form as a recent infection with relatively rapid onset, or in chronic form. The most common causes of viral hepatitis are the five unrelated hepatotropic viruses hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Other viruses can also cause liver[…][]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Massive Hepatic Necrosis

    Hypoglycemia occurs in many patients with ALF and is often due to depletion of hepatic glycogen stores and impaired gluconeogenesis.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Liver Disease

    […] malfunctions, increasing the risk of infections People may have metabolic abnormalities, such as a low potassium level in the blood ( hypokalemia ) or a low blood sugar level ( hypoglycemia[] Symptoms can include slow growth, low muscle tone, heat intolerance, bruising, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), enlarged liver, abdominal swelling and muscle pain and cramping[] […] jaundice, hepatic encephalopathy in the form of the dummy syndrome, dullness and anorexia, or there may be subclinical disease detectable by clinicopathological tests, e.g. hypoglycemia[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Follow for hypoglycemia if fulminant hepatic liver failure. No change in standard management. Consider converting prednisone to prednisolone.[]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Malabsorption is defined as a gastrointestinal alteration which seriously affects the ability to digest, absorb and transport nutrients across the gastrointestinal wall. The main effects of the presence of unabsorbed substances in the gastrointestinal tract are indicated as follows: Diarrhea. Diarrhea appears as[…][]

    Missing: Diffuse Hepatic Steatosis
  • Liver Cirrhosis

    Cardinal symptoms include fasting hypoglycemia, lactic acidosis and hepatomegaly as well as neutropenia.[] One of the studies favored addition of albumin in patients with serum creatinine 1 mg/dL, blood urea nitrogen 30 mg/dL, or total bilirubin 3 mg/dL[ 92 ].[] First, perfusion, iron overload, hepatic steatosis, liver inflammation and edema can confound the interpretation of diffusion parameters. 54 Second, DWI is sensitive to motion-related[]

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