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94 Possible Causes for Blood Urea Nitrogen Increased, Diabetic Ketoacidosis

  • Dehydration

    Currently, a history of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is an exclusion criterion for genetic testing for MODY.[] Serum osmolality, electrolytes, and blood urea nitrogen to creatinine (BUN:Cr) ratio were used to identify dehydration.[] A few studies have investigated the use of end-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) as an acidosis parameter in cases of gastroenteritis and diabetic ketoacidosis.[]

  • Acute Kidney Failure

    Metabolic and toxic causes - eg, diabetic ketoacidosis , hyperosmolar coma . Hypercalcaemia . Hyperuricaemia .[] Introduction Acute renal failure (ARF) is defined as an acute decline in renal function characterized by an increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine values[] ketoacidosis or toxic ingestions such as ethylene glycol.[]

  • Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Coma

    Abstract Diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma are two of the most common acute complications of diabetes.[] Blood urea nitrogen is not included in the calculation of effective osmolality because it is freely permeable in and out of the intracellular compartment.1,19 By definition[] […] of diabetic ketoacidosis or hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma.[]

  • Diabetic Ketotic Coma

    Home » Random Stuff » Differences between Hyperosmolar Non-Ketotic Hyperglycaemic Coma and Diabetic Ketoacidosis Random Stuff 3,011 Views The differences between diabetic[] Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Non-Ketotic Hyperosmolar Coma Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) – associated with type 1 diabetes Clinical Presentation – hyperglycemia ( 250 mg/dl), acidosis[] Abstract Although mortality of diabetic ketoacidosis (KA) has decreased during the past 20 yr to 1-2%, hyperosmolar non-ketotic coma (HNC) is still lethal in 20-30% of cases[]

  • Hypovolemic Shock

    ketoacidosis.[] ) Decreased in hypovolemic hyponatremia Potassium (K) Chloride (Cl) Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) can be increased in dehydration, gastrointestinal bleeding, rhabdomyolysis, urinary[] […] burns, or into the abdominal cavity in acute pancreatitis, inappropriate vasodilatation in bacteraemic shock and anaphylactic shock, and excess urinary fluid loss as in diabetic[]

  • Accidental Hypothermia

    We report the first case of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy induced by hypothermia and diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). A 59-year-old woman was brought to our emergency department.[] Both diabetic ketoacidosis (A) and digoxin toxicity (B) may lead to hyperkalemia.[] In diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperkalemia develops as a result of the acidic pH in the blood and the transport of hydrogen ions intracellularly in exchange for a potassium ion[]

  • Diabetic Nephropathy

    ketoacidosis, acute hypothermia appeared together with an aggravation of diabetic nephropathy.[] Taxus chinensis significantly improved the renal damage, which was indicated by the decreases in 24-h urinary albumin excretion rate, blood serum creatinine, and blood urea[] […] mg/dL and diabetic ketoacidosis.[]

  • Hypovolemia

    ketoacidosis, diabetes insipidus), and translocation of body fluids (e.g. burns, peritonitis, small bowel obstruction).[] Hypovolemia lab values These are the changes you will encounter in the lab tests for hypovolemia: Sodium excretion increased Specific gravity increased BUN (blood urea nitrogen[] ketoacidosis CT Features of CT hypoperfusion complex have been defined as (some or all of these features may be present): small caliber abdominal aorta : AP diameter renal[]

  • Prerenal Azotemia

    Ketoacidosis Paul Cantey Guillermo E Umpierrez 495 62b Managing Diabetes Mellitus and Hyperglycemia in Hospitalized Patients 503 Thyroid Disorders Martin C Were 509[] By definition, prerenal azotemia is associated with an increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine levels.[] Blood lab tests show a rapid accumulation of nitrogen wastes: Increased BUN Increased creatine Increased BUN/creatinine ratio Treatment The main goal of treatment is to rapidly[]

  • Nodular Glomerulosclerosis

    Diabetic Sensory and Motor Neuropathy . N Engl J Med" 2016 April 14; 374:1455-1464. Kamel KS and Halperin ML. Acid–Base Problems in Diabetic Ketoacidosis .[] ; as a result, serum creatinine and urea nitrogen levels are slightly reduced.[] Images PEIR Digital Library: Diabetic Glomerulosclerosis Images WebPath: Interstitial Diseases of the Kidney Lab 1: Kidney: Infarction (Coagulative Necrosis)[]

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