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105 Possible Causes for Bloody Ascites

  • Paracentesis

    DeSitter L, Rector WG Jr (1984) The significance of bloody ascites in patients with cirrhosis. Am J Gastroenterol 79:136–138 PubMed Google Scholar 33.[]

  • Hemoperitoneum

    However, a decrease in hemoglobin with bloody ascites from the paracentesis gave the impression of hemoperitoneum.[] Due to the presence of a fluid wave pulse on examination, a paracentesis was performed and revealed grossly bloody ascitic fluid.[] Drainage of the ascites, which was grossly bloody, revealed the presence of 380000/mm 3 red cells, with signs of haemolysis, and 18000/mm 3 white cells.[]

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    In a few patients, the first manifestation of hepatocellular carcinoma is bloody ascites, shock, or peritonitis, caused by hemorrhage of the tumor.[]

  • Peritoneal Metastasis

    Symptoms include nausea , abdominal pain , diarrhea , anorexia , bloody ascites .[]

  • Malignant Ascites

    Ascitic fluid is bloody in about one-half of patients with HCC and in about 20 % of malignancy-related ascites overall.[] Ascitic fluid will be bloody in about 20% of malignancy-related ascites. Diuretics Consider if there is peripheral oedema or refractory ascites.[] The presence of bloody effusion or major intra-abdominal mass lesions contra-indicates a successful PV shunt.[]

  • Trichuriasis

    Ascites and intestinal wall thickening was found by CT scan, and Douglas pouch centesis aspirated bloody ascites which included many eosinophils.[]

  • Bacillus Mycoides

    The disease was manifested by gill ulcers/rot, asphyxiation and bloody ascites. Aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from the internal organs of all the diseased fish.[]

  • Rectal Perforation

    Bloody ascites and rectal hematoma with partial lack of rectal serosa were observed (Fig. 2a ).[]

  • Bleeding from an Ectopic Pregnancy

    AIMS Journal 2002, Vol 14, No 3 by Laura Abbott There are 20,000 ectopic pregnancies a year in the UK alone. This is more than double the cases of cervical cancer. Laura Abbott, an independent midwife, writes of her experience of 'care' during a traumatic ectopic pregnancy. My partner and I had been trying to[…][]

  • Splenic Artery Aneurysm

    The autopsy revealed massive bloody ascites over 2000 mL and a ruptured infected aneurysm, 2 cm in diameter, on the distal portion of the splenic artery ( Figure 4 ).[]

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